Is Fried Food Keto Friendly?

Is fried food keto friendly? A lot of people on the keto enjoy eating a variety of these. So, let’s find out!

Is Fried Food Keto Friendly
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What Is Fried Food?

Fried food is cooked using a method called deep frying. And many people and restaurants often use this quick method to prepare food. Furthermore, fried food is typically coated in a breading mix of flour and batter.

The most popular fried foods are french fries, chicken, fish, cheese sticks, etc. Although, we all know we can deep fry just about any food!

Nutritional Information Of Fried Food

There is a variety of fried food. But for the purpose of this article, we will be analyzing the nutritional information of fried chicken.

4 pieces of breaded fried chicken gives you 190 calories. It has 10.44g of carb and 0.6g of it comes from dietary fiber. This means this food has a net carb of 9.84g. In addition to that, it has 35mg of cholesterol and 367mg of sodium.

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If you’re interested in analyzing the nutritional information of fried chicken in different serving sizes, you can check this out.

Is Fried Food Keto Friendly? Can I Eat It While On Keto?

No, you can’t. Fried food is not keto friendly. This is because most fried foods are breaded, and the breading contributes to a higher carb count. On top of that, food fried in oil tends to absorb more fat that increases the calorie content as well.

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