Is Chocoperfection Keto Friendly?

One of the most preferred sugar-free chocolate by people on a weight loss diet is Chocoperfection. Nevertheless, is Chocoperfection keto-friendly? Let us find out by analyzing its nutritional value. 

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What is Chocoperfection?

Chocoperfection is a well-known brand that produces sugar-free chocolates. Their chocolates use plant-based sweeteners. And since 2003, the chocolate has been selected as the “Best Tasting Sugar-Free Chocolate”.

One of the company’s products, Chocoperfection Dark European Chocolate Bar, has Dry Cocoa solids, Cocoa butter, Vanilla extract, Soy Lecithin, Erythritol, and Chicory Root Fiber. And both Erythritol and Chicory Root Fiber are 100% natural sweeteners from plants. 

Nutritional Information for Chocoperfection

One bar of Chocoperfection Dark Chocolate that weighs 50g gives you 197 calories. It also contains 18g of total fat and 11g of that comes from saturated fat only.

Furthermore, Chocoperfection Dark Chocolate includes a total of 24g carbohydrate. However, 14g of carbs come from dietary fiber. Additionally, Erythritol also contributes 8g of carb. 

If we calculate the net carb count for Chocoperfection Dark Chocolate, it is 2g per 50g. Furthermore, Chocoperfection Dark Chocolate gives you 1g of protein and a certain amount of Iron and Calcium. 

Can You Eat Chocoperfection on Keto

Is Chocoperfection Keto Friendly? Yes, it is. You can consume this chocolate bar when following the keto diet. It contains only 2g of net carbs. And from the 24g of total carbs, 14g carbs come from dietary fiber, while 8g carbs come from Erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol.

Furthermore, You also get a good amount of fat. That’s why you can consider it an excellent keto-friendly food. 

Where to Get Chocoperfection?

Chocoperfection chocolates are available on Amazon.

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