Is Chamoy Keto Friendly?

Chamoy is a well-liked Mexican condiment containing pickled fruit. This savory condiment is a favorite of several Mexicans and Americans. However, people on the keto would like to know, is Chamoy keto-friendly? Let us find out how it reacts to your body when you are on keto.

What is Chamoy?

Chamoy is a popular condiment used all over Mexico and other parts of the world. It would not be wrong to say that Chamoy is the main cooking ingredient in most Mexican kitchens.

The consistency of Chamoy could be thick like a paste or thin like liquid. Nowadays, commercial Chamoy brands sell it in different consistency. 

Additionally, Chamoy contains various ingredients such as apricot, mango or plum, lime juice, salt, and chilies. It also has a wide range of culinary uses. For example, you can add it to chips, vegetables, and meat as condiments. Some individuals also use it as fruit topping.

Nutritional Information for Chamoy

As we mentioned above, several companies have been producing Chamoy. Let us look at the nutritional value of a very popular Chamoy Sauce, Tajin Fruit Chamoy Sauce.

One teaspoon of Chamoy, weighing 5 ml, gives you zero net carb. Furthermore, you get only 110 mg of sodium.

Can You Take Chamoy On Keto?

Is Chamoy keto friendly? Yes, Tajin Fruit Chamoy Sauce is keto friendly. It gives you zero net carb per serving of 5ml. Furthermore, it is gluten-free and contains natural chili pepper, salt, and other ingredients.

Whatever brand of Chamoy you purchase, make sure to check the net carb count. Also, make sure it does not contain ingredients like sodium benzoate that affect your body’s ketosis state.

Where to Get Our Favorite Chamoy?

Chamoy sauce of several brands is readily available on Amazon. We have listed the three best keto-friendly options for you. 

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