Is Bagoong Keto Friendly

Do you love to take a bit of Bagoong sauce with fried fish or hard-boiled eggs? Undoubtedly, it enhances the taste and flavor of your food, but is Bagoong keto-friendly? Can people on the keto diet take it? We will find out the answers to these questions in this post. So read it until the end.

What is Bagoong?

Bagoong is a well-liked condiment in the Philippines, made of fermented fish and salt. In some cultures, krill or shrimp paste is also used instead of Bagoong. The preparation for Bagoong differs depending on the region of the Philippines. 

A variety of fish species are used to make Bagoong. However, a few popular ones include Round scads, Ponyfish, Anchovies, and Herrings. The fish is cleaned, salt-cured, and fermented for a week and more. Besides the Philippines, people also use Bagoong in Hawaii and the Pacific regions.

Bagoong is dark red in appearance and has a pungent smell. The texture could be as thin as a puree or as thick as a paste. Bagoong goes well with fried fish, boiled eggs, sliced tomatoes, and several other dishes.

Nutritional Information for Bagoong

15g of Bagoong Alamang Salted Shrimp Fry gives you 10 calories. You also get 1380 mg of Sodium, 1.1mg of Iron, and 150mg of Calcium. Furthermore, you get 2g of Protein. Bagoong Alamang Salted Shrimp Fry does not contain any amount of carbohydrates and fat. 

Can You Eat Bagoong on Keto?

Is Bagoong Keto Friendly? Yes, you can take Bagoong when following the keto diet. It contains 0g of carbs per 15g. Moreover, it gives you 2g of protein, which is crucial to consume on the Keto. Since Bagoong has zero fat, you should get fat from other dishes. 

Where to Get Our Favorite Keto Friendly Bagoong?

Several companies produce Bagoong and you can buy it from Amazon. Below we have put together the three best keto-friendly options for you. 

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