Is a low-carb and high-fat diet good for diabetes patients? Experts weigh in

Dr Dua recommends that a healthy diet should have 55-65% calories from carbs, 10-20% calories from proteins, and 15-25% calories from fat (invisible and invisible fats).

“Food items with simple carbohydrates like sugar, sugar-containing beverages, ice creams, dairy products, fruit juices, preserved food articles, potatoes, bananas, mango, and grapes have a high glycaemic index and should be avoided totally,” recommends Dr Nigam and adds that saturated fats and Trans fat found in food items like fried snacks, fried vegetables, and red and white meat must be avoided by diabetics.

Instead, a diet full of vegetables, cereals, legumes, low-fat dairy products, and fresh fish is good for a diabetic, recommends Dr Nigam.

“The idea is to cut back on fried foods, sweets and sugary drinks or anything that is salty and fatty while focusing on intake of healthy fats along with eating every few hours to keep the blood sugar levels steady,” suggests Dr Chhajer.

“In a month a person should not consume more than ½ kg of oil,” says Dr Dua and advises to fill the food plate half with vegetables, ¼ carbs and ¼ proteins.

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