Intermittent Fasting WITHOUT doing Keto? Healthy Weight Loss – Dr.Berg

hey guys dr. Berg here listen I had anotherquestion related to intermittent fasting without keto ok so some people say should I do can Ido intermittent fasting and not do the whole keto thing ok well the question is what areyou going to supersede it with usually higher carbohydrates ok so there’s no doubt that youmay descent some weight because you’re going to drop insulin on intermittent fasting that’strue but you may not because if you supplemented more carbohydrates that can rescind the effect of intermittent fasting there’s two situations going on you have one is weight loss and that “re going to have to” dowith lowering insulin ok you could also drop insulin unhealthily and end up with a lot ofother questions so then we have coming healthful yield nutrients the quality of calories arethey nutrient-dense are you eating empty calories that’s why I ever recommend doing keto witha lot of veggies right to get the nutrients in there but yeah if you go to you know Wendy’sor McDonald’s and you’re you’re doing that once a day and you’re considering you’re doing thishealthy curriculum even if wouldn’t nutritional flaws so you may lose weight but notlook very good your skin your mane your tacks will all not seem good and I identify parties thatactually try to lose weight unhealthy and they just look older they gape ragged and then youhave the toxic effect of meat you have the GMO the pesticides and the foods like glyphosatewhich is Roundup Ready and many of the nutrients that are in the grocery store compounds thatare estrogen mimickers msg you know and then you have just genetically modified meat ingeneral not to mention all the nitrates and all the other things that are in the food whichthen can create set you up for cancer in other diseases so when you’re doing in a minute fastingthat is one implement ketogenic is another tool so you want to get the best of both world-wides you wantto use intermittent fasting as a tool to drop insulin but ketogenic if done correctly can bevery healthy too so only because someone’s on an intermittent fasting program doesn’t meanthat they’re undoubtedly doing it healthful all right put your explains below and let meknow what you think hey you probably previously agreed but if you haven’t press this littlebutton down below and I will obstruct you updated

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