Insulin Resistance


The sugar and carb, melded like goo,

Arteries clogged like my wild pig’s poo.

I stumbled onto YouTube-

When I lacked foresight.

Insulin resistance,

Gave my carb withdrawals deep insight.

Food is like a drug,

Cocaine and coke.

Mary, don’t chu wanna-

Be my angelic dope?

I scrolled through my feed, with no-one to chat.

At the tip of the ice berg, stood a Russian madhat.

My brain was so foggy, insulin so groggy,

The numbers made no sense, glucose so dodgy.

In came Dr. Berg,

Insulin left the chat,

Ketogenic diet and wild herbs-

Beat the carbohydrates, zap!

My fatty liver healed, cholesterol revealed-

Perfect blood numbers, FDA repealed.

Don’t chu wanna know?

That fasting is my hoe.

Insulin resistance fam,

I said goodbye to sad life, my good man.

Inflammation gone,

Bam bam bam,

My C-reactive protein,

Was completely zero, wham!

Getting healthy by the day,

My metabolic disorders, at bay-

Mood and memory, sike.

My life was shifting – totally hype.

My eyes, activated,

Bullshit deactivated.

Emotions stabilized,

Toxic shenanigans, evaporated.

My organs – internal,

Intact and eternal.

Corn, soy, GMO

I said goodbye to PMO.

My hormones, raging high

Even Joker would cry, shy.

Dr. Berg was proud.

I stayed hidden in the Cloud.

Fasting and eating,

My life was clean, no more hating.

Health full reset.

1000% level best.

Insulin resistance sucked,

But now it was completely cucked.

Biohacking anewed,

Broken ages, now sued.

My body became my bitch-

It now responded without a snitch.

Life was very good.

God loved me, super Dood.

Nutrition and fasting,

Answers so simple.

You wouldn’t believe the life change.

Follow keto and fasting, you won’t be the same.

Skin so shiny,

My reindeer was blimey,

Big dick energy,

Secrets so slimey.

Simple and sweet,

That’s what life is without disease.

Feel good all day,

Live without regrets, and celebrate.

Insulin resistance goodbye, I’ll never forget.

How you sucked me once dry,

No relapse or reset.

But now I am back,

Recharged and not rekt.

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