In the Afterglow, a Vikings Apology

Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson. © JAMIE GERMANO / USA TODAY NETWORK.

Dear Vikings:

I see it so clearly now. How could I have doubted you? You love me, you love me, you love me.

Just last week, I wrote you a letter showing you how human I am. I know now it was unfair of me to doubt your (then) 7-1 record, to question the might behind the record. But doubt it I did. I admitted I had trust issues.

And I put it on you to prove yourself to me (and the world), by beating the Buffalo Bills. That was unfair of me to ask, but in all of your purple glory you did exactly that, winning a game so dramatic, so exciting, so utterly amazing, that I felt my trust issues melt away like fat liquefying at the hands of one of those sketchy Keto diet drinks.

I’ve been set free, Vikings. How can I question our future after that amazing performance? You took my breath away and made my toes curl in football-induced ecstasy that I haven’t felt in a very, very long time.

You deserve an apology, Minnesota Vikings, and I’m going to give you one.

I’m sorry that I thought Kirk Cousins looked ridiculous in his chains, and that his oversized reading glasses made him look like a kid in the library hoping that the Big Book of Railroad Engines was finally available. I should have known that he would throw pass after pass into the waiting arms and/or outstretched fingertips of Justin Jefferson, perfectly placed, when those passes were needed most.

I’m sorry that I doubted the depth of the defensive secondary. Patrick Peterson was of course stellar on the one corner Sunday, but my real worry was the loss of Cameron Dantzler on the other side. I should have had faith in Akaylab Evans, then Andrew Booth, then Duke Shelley (fresh up from the taxi squad, no less) stepping up as the game wore on and limiting the damage Josh Allen, Stephon Diggs and company were able to inflict.

I’m sorry that I doubted the staying power of the offensive line. When Christian Darrisaw left the game due to injury…. I’ll admit it, I’ll admit it—I thought that Buffalo would begin to tear Cousins limb from limb and cast him aside like an old copy of People…

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