In an Interview with Mr. Ketan Mavinkurve reveals that How this Tech

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Ketan Mavinkurve is the founder and CEO of Alpha Coach

Please provide a brief overview of the company, its areas of expertise, and its services.

Alpha Coach is a Consumer SaaS fitness brand focussing on nutrition & fitness coaching that is curated for an Indian audience. The application provides hyper-personalized plans built for busy individuals and helps them lose weight at their own pace, through a combination of mindful eating & food logging, and activity goals.

The app is powered by AI/ML models that create custom macro-diet plans, decode your metabolism (patent pending), automatic weekly plan adjustments, and activity & compliance tracking, through our proprietary Daily Alpha Score algorithm.


The rise of fitness enthusiasts through technology

Amid the pandemic, it is no surprise that technology has increasingly found its way into fitness routines. Consumer mindsets have significantly changed, and gym-goers are more proactive than ever about their overall wellness, encompassing everything from exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness, and sleep.

Fitness apps have been around much before the pandemic, but the shift is now more pronounced from both perspectives: the consumer (gym-goers/ fitness enthusiasts) and the service providers (gyms/trainers.)

Fitness apps have seen a meteoric rise during the pandemic demonstrating just how popular fitness has become; as a result, people are now always on the lookout for solutions that is science-backed, seamlessly adaptable to them, and easy on the pocket.


What are some of the industry’s current issues?

Getting fit is not an easy task – and it’s not made any easier with the significant amount of information out there. These countless articles citing new strategies, fads, training techniques, and “secret diets” have created a problem of decision fatigue and not knowing what to do.

This is perpetuated by the rise of social media which has made sharing and collaboration more effortless than ever before, without factual support.

Add to that, most of these online diet plans are purely template-based and lack any personalization. These lead people to…

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