I work out four times a week for my toyboy hubby – hitting rock bottom was wake up call I needed, says Danielle Lloyd

MUCH of her party-mad twenties was spent making headlines for tumbling out of nightclubs worse for wear.

Former Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd had fallen into a destructive cycle of binge-drinking, drug-taking and living off junk food, which left her wracked with insecurities and deeply unhappy.


Danielle Lloyd, now 39, is an image of good health — and boasting a toned physique and flat tum all the more impressive for being a mum of fiveCredit: Unleashed Talent Management – Make up by Amanie Grewal


Danielle with second husband Michael O’Neill and her childrenCredit: INSTAGRAM/DANIELLE LLOYD

More than a decade on, the 39-year-old former lads’ mag favourite is the image of good health — and boasting a toned physique and flat tum all the more impressive for being a mum of five.

Danielle trains up to four times a week, follows a keto diet and rarely touches alcohol.

As a result, she feels in better shape now than she did at the peak of her modelling career.

She says: “I’m a totally different person and I feel the best I ever have.

“Back in the day, I didn’t care what I put into my body.

“I thought I was living life to the full, but I was totally lost.

“I was on the front pages of the magazines and everyone automatically thought I must love myself, but the truth was I was one of the most insecure people on the planet.

“I did not feel good about myself and I was using drink and drugs to mask a lot of that.”

Danielle is the first to admit she was a wildchild — out drinking in Liverpool nightspots from the age of 16.

She says: “A typical night out would mean downing shot after shot, getting as much drink down my neck as possible and having the minimum amount of sleep.

“I’d go out partying for days and wouldn’t come home, having drunk my own bodyweight in vodka.

“I don’t know how I survived, given the amount of alcohol I used to drink.”

As her career took off Danielle moved to London, where she would attend events most nights.

Drink flowed freely and her boozing started to spin out of control.

She says: “You’d get to the venue and be given your free bottle on your table, and I’d have all my little cling-on fake…

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