I was a skinny kid but now I’m an unrecognizable bodybuilder – here’s my secret to bulking up and it’s not exercise

A BODYBUILDER who was scrawny during his childhood has shared how he was able to bulk up.

Fitness fanatic Will Tennyson has revealed his hidden secret and attributes most of his success to his diet.


Muscle man Will Tennyson has revealed the secret behind his shredded physiqueCredit: Instagram/Will Tennyson


The ripped bodybuilder said he only noticed most of his progress around two years agoCredit: Instagram/Will Tennyson

In a YouTube clip, Tennyson said that he’s been training for more than seven years, but only noticed most of his progress just two years ago.

He admitted: “It is sad but it is true that it is 80 per cent diet, 20 per cent training.”

Tennyson revealed that his body composition “changes for the better” when he eats more red meat.

He tends to tuck into foods such as fast-fried steak, as well as items rich that are rich in protein such as eggs.

Tennyson incorporates an array of fruits and vegetables into his diet such as avocado, apples, frozen berries, kale, zucchini, and bananas.

He also eats foods such as chicken, shrimp, and turkey sausage.

In another video, he called on gym-goers not to underestimate the amount of protein that they need.

Tennyson said: “If you go to the gym without any protein, nothing is going to happen.”

He recommended you should have one gram of protein per pound of body weight.

And, the weightlifting fanatic said that those who want to build muscle shouldn’t be afraid of putting on some fat.

Tennyson said: “It’s kind of like the bruising on my knees. It’s about short-term sacrifices for a rewarding finish.

“I’m not saying you need to get fat but you need a little bit of a surplus – around 200-300 calories – to maximize muscle growth.”

Gym-goers who are piling on the weight too fast should reduce their calorie intake, but those that are struggling should raise their amount, according to the fitness fanatic.

Tennyson revealed in December 2021 that his daily intake was 2,500 calories but found he was losing weight too quickly.

He thought the weight loss was unsustainable so decided to up the amount to 2,750, according to Men’s Health.


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