I made KETO boba with brown sugar substitute (tastes amazing!)

Hey guys, I’m Lucia, welcome to my path When I firstly started working from dwelling, I was like, yes, this is my golden opportunity To lose weight. I don’t have to travel to work So that gives me more time to cook healthful and practise But it turned out that after I started working from dwelling. I be engaged in my berthed about 23 and a half hours every single day So before I knew it I gained three pounds So today I decided that i’m going to restart my food and we’re going to start by making some sugar-free brown sugar boba Well, this one simply tastes like a regular one for sure It time savours like regular boba And the first bowl It’s too hard This one’s softer.So this boba is better Yeah, I exactly require better, but we’re good I like it Very chewy. What score would you hand from zero to ten? Eight. Eight? what about this one? Five So we’re giving you a new heyday recipe every single week during these crazy occasions, delight feel free to make pictures of These bushes are so thorny. One of the funniest times is It really undermines my mettle This is the bunny with the ear injury, it’s okay.You’re safe now.

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Keto Breads

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