Human Biologist Gary Brecka reveals Dana White was”sick as a dog” after being forced to film 10 ‘F**k it Friday’ episodes in a single day

Human Biologist Gary Brecka, who has been credited with Dana White’s recent stunning weight loss, has revealed that the UFC president was very sick after filming 10 episodes of his social media series.

“F**k it Friday” is a weekly show by Dana White where he asks a chef to make him a high-calorie sweet or savory treat. The short videos are uploaded every week but due to the 53-year-old’s recent health kick, he was forced to film ten episodes in one day before starting his strict diet.

Brecka, who is the chief human biologist at 10x Health Systems, recently appeared on the Balancing Chaos podcast. During the show, Brecka discussed the intense diet he placed the UFC president on, its health benefits, and White’s reaction to filming 10 ‘F**k it Friday’s in one day:

“He went and filmed ten F**k it Frdiay’s in one day, he was sick as a dog! I said for the next ten weeks you can’t do that so he had to get them all filmed. I’m telling you ten weeks later he didn’t recognise himself…Insulin the lowest level it had been in ten years. He’d gone from being borderline diabetic to pre-diabetic to normal blood sugar…Everybody’s telling him ‘Oh my god you look great’ but the truth is it’s what was going on on the inside was the big difference.”

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Dana White shares his experience while on the Keto diet

It’s been over thirteen weeks since UFC president Dana White was given 10.4 years to live by biologist Gary Brecka. The 53-year-old vowed to immediately turn his life around and has been following an incredibly restrictive ketogenic diet since.

Now, even after dramatic weightloss and improvements to his physical and mental health, White has revealed that he has remained on the Keto diet because there are enough sugar and carbohydrate alternatives to make it sustainable:

“I’ve been on a keto diet now for thirteen weeks. I feel incredible. I love it and the other thing that’s happening right now is they have keto everything. They have keto breads so you can make sandwiches, they have keto pasta. You know, they have all the great keto foods that you can eat.

The UFC president…

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