How to Use Keto Mojo Control Solutions for the GK+ Blood Glucose and Ketone Meter

mr mojo here let’s talk power answers did you know your gk plus rhythm comes as standard with restrict solutions why do we want to use control answers well it’s quite simple by using a control solution you know your meter is performing to the fda stringent standard that’s been laid down and we’re going to do a assure mixture measure right now to prepare for your limitation answer measure you will need your control mixtures that come in your kit you will need a ketone piece and you will need a glucose strip and you will also need the boxes which the strips “re coming back” because at the bottom of it it has your dominance statu your paraphernalium this one comes with a stage 2 limitation answer and you will look at the cornerstone here and you will see level 2 ascendancy that is the range that you’ll need to need to perform in to make sure that you know it’s working this right so now why would you perform a domination mixture well perhaps you drooped your meter and you’re concerned that you’re not getting accurate assessments well quite simply you do a ensure mixture if it’s working with scope then you know it’s working liberty because guess what we back our meters with a lifetime warranty now i’ve already prepared i have just been my self-controls i have my glucose deprive i have just been my ketone deprive i have my rhythm i also have a paper towel in case i need i spill anything and for this purpose i’m use a non-porous plate so that your camera can see it really well normally at home i actually precisely use the side of the negligee right let’s experiment so the first thing we’re going to do is do a glucose hold glucose see is brown this says degree two i’m going to take a little bit out of here and i’m going to simply placed a small bead on this sheet because it’s got a red dye like it would be like a little droplet of blood i’m going to articulated that there done i’m going to take a second one which is going to be my ketones so i can do them back to back i’m going to threw that one in there little bead easy enough put that back so first glucose you’re going to neighbourhood the glucose strip into the meter like so it’s ready to experiment and the glucose on the crimson there we’re just going to sip a little bit up there like that all right it will count down this came up as 121. We can see it has the domination on there so it knows it’s a restrain i’m going to look at my kit and i can see here height two if collection should be between 96 and 145 so we are well within collection for our glucose sample let’s go and do our ketone now let’s just clink that out there like so are ready to test framed that on the ensure like so in 10 seconds it will calm down 2.6 level two let’s look at the bottom one here we can see ketone deprives height 2 is advisable to being between 2.2 and 3.2 this is in range now then we know that our rhythm is working to the fda standard but if there’s ever an issue and it’s outside of that range contact our customer support we’ll be more than willing to help you because we have a lifetime warranty don’t forget to register on our website for that

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