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welcome today we’re going to show you how tostart keto correctly and this is for beginners what are we trying to do we’re trying to switchwhat your body is running on as far as fuel-wise so we want to switch from burning sugar ga tofat fuel there’s this one hormone called insulin which is the key to determine whether you’re goingto burn fat or burn sugar so you want to keep it low-spirited to burn solid where reference is proceeds higher your bodywill burn sugar very simply lower your carbs and eat less dinners that’s different thanlowering your calories now by eating less banquets you are going to lower your calories but that’snot the goal you could actually eat larger banquets simply not as frequent why is it a good theme toeat less frequent banquets because each time you dined you trigger insulin every time you feed carbsyou trigger insulin so we’re just trying to lower this insulin the compounding between these twoare very very powerful so what are you going to eat in a dinner well first thing you have to eatlow carb so you want to cut down all your carbs that includes sugar and i’m talking about honeyagave nectar chocolate-brown sugar lily-white sugar date sugar all carbohydrate you can replace it in variousrecipes with what’s called carbohydrate boozes i leant some relates down below of examples ofthat so you can learn about that but there’s these sweetened alternative sugar beginnings thatyou can use so that means that when you go buy food you have to start reading the labelsand looking at the carbohydrate material you demand it as close to zero as is practicable you want toavoid fruit except for berries there’s three berries raspberries strawberries andblackberries you can have those in small amounts but no other outcome extremely apples specks likewheat flour that they perform doughs pasta cereal crackers biscuits you wish to avoid that butguess what there’s a replacement there’s a people use almond flour to make all sorts of things frompizza crust to bread to you specify it so there’s a lot of recipes that you can use as an alternativegrain avoid starches like potatoes but guess what there’s all these recipes that you can make out ofcauliflower that is very similar to the starches not analogous but you can manufacture things that arevery close to tasting like mashed potatoes you can even make a cauliflower crust for your pizza it’squite good now when i say cut out all the carbs there’s an exception vegetables in fact you wantto exhaust more veggies at least seven goblets you know even more that could be salads or other typesof vegetables like buzzer spices like lettuce like broccoli kale brussels sprouts and at this levelthat i’m teach you you can even do carrots and tomatoes beets don’t worry about that you can havethose and the final point about vegetables is that ideally if you eat them first it’s going to be alot easier to expend seven bowls than after you have the protein and fat because this is going tofill you up quite fast so i always ingest the vegetable first now you can consume it at the sametime but just as a strategy to make sure you get enough vegetables in your nutrition i are happy to consumethese first because very few people consume enough vegetables and one last point vegetables providetwo things they provision menu for your microbes that then help your blood sugars and cure give youenergy likewise they accommodate a lot of nutrients like potassium and magnesium and even vitamin c becausewhat are we trying to do we’re trying to do keto correctly and by correctly i imply healthily okaynumber two moderate protein not massive amounts like in the atkins diet but moderate amountsthat could be depending on your width and your metabolism and your age between three andeight ounces perhaps you’re 18 years old and you work out hardcore you’re gonna need maybe moreprotein so rather than have a little scale and calibrate it exactly ingest protein the size of thepalm of your hand maybe a little bit more a little less okay precisely to kind of keep it really simple atthis tier what type of protein different types of meat fish chicken seafood eggs cheese unless youhave an allergy or any type of severe gut controversy nuts or nut butters also make sure thatyou if you buy peanut butter or whatever you read the ingredients to make sure it doesn’thave added carbohydrate you don’t want to add sugar to any of these because sometimes when you havelike deli meats the government has dextrose in there or additional sugar if you’re having baconthey have extra sugar supplemented you preferably keep the sugar away from your proteinall right with the protein as far as the order of when you eat it you only munch your vegetableyour salad now you start with your protein the key with the protein is not to devour leanprotein or low fat protein try to consume protein that has more solid why because that’s goingto help your insulin elevations when you down protein that’s very low fat and lean as in likepowders specially like whey protein gunpowder you majorly increase insulin versus consumingfattier meat or fattier fish or like brie cheese which is has more fat so that’s a really keypoint about protein all right the third thing is that you’re on a higher fat diet now when wetalk about higher fatties mainly we’re talking about the calories there’s more than twice as manycalories in fat than there is protein in carbs so based on calories it would be a higher fat dietso i’m not going to say anything more to mystify you on that point but realize that when you’reconsuming the protein guess what you’re devouring a lot of the fatty in your nutrition already becauseprotein ever come here for fat but you may add some additional solids let’s say some avocadobutter to cook your nutrient in or let’s say you defrosted the butter on your vegetables which is a goodidea because the veggies have particular overweight soluble natural compounds in there that are good for youeven antioxidants they’re called phytonutrients and contributing petroleum to your salad whether it’solive oil or butter over your vegetables will assist you remove those nutrients out of thatmeal that’s why it’s good to combine these things right here olives or olive oil is very very goodcoconut oil is actually also pretty good and of course some of these are in the fat category likenuts for example or half fat and half protein a little bit of carb cheese is protein and fateggs are protein and overweight so a lot of these are fat very so both of these are kind of a combining butif you’re starting keto a lot of ages people add maybe some nuts or cheese after the snack to bemore satisfied so that’s something that they do and so that’s why i said snack this third but ofcourse it could be within the meal now there’s sure-fire fats you definitely want to avoidsoy oil corn oil canola oil cottonseed lubricant even the safflower petroleum the sunflower lubricant i wouldbe careful about consuming too much of those these are gmo they have compounds in them butthe problem is they’re most inflammatory even though it’s a fat it’s the wrong type of fatty thatyou miss in your torso and you probably recognize these in salad dressings and many different productslike mayonnaise in there so you’re going to have to kind of start reading names and truly getpicky on certain things that you’re going to be buying so we talked about generally what toeat but we also want to talk about eating less meals right less frequent snacks we’re goingto do intermittent fasting we’re going to combine both of these together to genuinely take thatinsulin and wreaking it down to our normal tier so here’s the rule of thumb don’t devour unlessyou are hungry now let me define hungry because sometimes you might get a littlebit of hunger but you still feel strong uh you still feel fine your depression is good we’lltry to push through that okay there’s also a difference between starve and also like a habitpeople have like a practice of snacking all the time even when they’re not hungry because they feelthat they’re not as full as perhap they should be so you don’t have to be full all the time we’retalking about hungry and a true starve is like wow i feel like i really need to eat i feel a littlebit weaker i feel a little shaky i’m starting to notice i’m a little bit more grumpy okaythat is what we’re talking about not some little temporary thirst number two ideally you wantto hop-skip the breakfast you can do this on a gradual grade whatever it is you obstruct propagandizing yourbreakfast later and later and later or precisely cut it right out and exactly bounce breakfast insteadhave your coffee with a little butter in it a tablespoon of butter and or mct oil which willhelp you vastly in realise ketones which is very therapeutic to your psyche and it’ll satisfy you soas you’re trying to change into the state of ketosis which you’re burning overweight because ketonesare a byproduct of burning fatty if you include mct oil that will give you ketones right away and it’llmake the transition a little bit more comfy particularly with your cognitive gathering so this isa good hypothesi and if you did this coffee with this these two solids it’s going to be very easy toskip breakfast also i want to note that about 8 am in the morning is when you have thishormonal switch with cortisol might go up and you may find a temporary about a half hour kindof a a sense like i i’m ready to eat something it’s the cortisol it’s a hormonal shift and it canincrease your desire only ignore that and promoted through that okay so we’re hop-skip our breakfastat this level list three very importantly do not snack through the day that little snackeven though it’s low-grade extent of calories will see you hungry eating quickens hungerespecially if it’s in the form of a snack so just cut off all snacking it’s very veryimportant if you get the temptation the snack really is known that you didn’t deplete fairly fatat the last meal so the next banquet supplement more overweight to the diet so you can go easily from onemeal to the next so it’s important to add more overweight to go longer there’s a lot of detailsto fill in the blank but frequently you can drink water tea coffee anything without sugar you cantake your vitamins it’s not going to be a problem and again there’s a lot of details that i’mnot encompassing but i’m just giving you the basics so let’s say your firstly meal is at noon okayyou dined your snack don’t really worry at this point about calories because we’re not trying toreduce calories all we’re trying to do is have that first meal make sure it fits what i saidin the last slide and then the second meal at six so that gives you a six hour chewing windowand 18 -hour fast okay if you don’t snack which is huge this is going to allow you to seea lot of benefits with this program so that is the summary of how to do keto correctly beforeyou go if you have a question about a commodity or you’re new to keto and you want to knowhow to begin keto or you’re on keto and you need a debug because it’s not vanishing as smooth ihave a keto consultant standing by to help you this is just for the people in the us hopefully inthe future we’ll be able to answer everyone’s call but i placed the count down belowso you can call and get some help

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