How to Order Keto-Friendly Five Guys!

Hey guys, we’re say keto-friendlyFive Guys Burgers and Fry, coming right up! Hey people, I’m Aaron.Welcome to A.D. Keto, your weekly dosage of all things ketogenic food. Today we areordering Five Guys Burgers and Fry, my favorite burgers in the world! I’ve beena longtime follower of Five Chaps, going back to my pre-keto daylights, but I thought thatI’d have to give it up when I started keto. But that is not the case.Burgers are actually very friendly to keto, if you know what you’re doing –which is: be disposed of the bun … and the fries, regrettably. So you can order inthe place, but what I like to do is order online, either with an iOS app, or righton personal computers, which is what we’re going to do today. All title, so we’re justgonna come in and go to Five Guys, and it’s gonna load for a long time .. oh, they’ve updated their site. So I’m gonna click places, and I’m gonna form in myzip code, where I know it is, and this is not the one I go to.This is the one I goto. Click order, and I’m going to … I’m not in Toledo, Ohio. I’m in Albany, NewYork. This is my guy, right here. I don’t know why it says 0.0 miles, because it’snot 0.0 miles. I don’t live at Five Guys. We’re gonnadive in and seek my fantastically awesome bacon cheeseburger. What? It’sgonna be awesome.Okay, so here’s bacon cheeseburger. I’mgoing to do no bun, and I’m likewise gonna do wrap in clam. You can do both –I’ve been there a couple of times, and they say … they ask you if you have anallergy. I just say, “Nope, it’s personal preference.” and if you tell them youwant it in a in a container, they usually don’t give it to you wrapped in lettuce, butI’m gonna request that is wrapped in clam, as well.I’ve tried eating aburger that’s just lettuce , not in a container, and it is an instant mess. So I’d like totry to keep it in a container, wrapped in loot. That’s the most important thing on keto, really don’t get the bun. And then for my tops, I’m going to do … what am I gonnado? What am I gonna do? Going to do additional cheese. let’sdo lettuce, additional patty, yes. I’ll time an extra patty, and when I get there I’mgonna ask them for a little bit of extra bacon, which I’ve done in the past aswell, and they’re happy to do that. And I’m going to pick up. Nine minutes? Ican’t get there in nine minutes. No, you know what? I’ll make love in nine minutes. Great! I’ve dictated and it’s gonna be ready inroughly ten minutes. So it’s about a twelve-minute drive to Five People, andI’ve got to go.Okay, best eleven-year-old videographer in video games. Hop in! Mommy was driving! My knees! My Tananana knees! Knees! Buckle yourself in. Ready? Let’s make love. Today it was my third era of clas. Iwas walking one direction and my other friends were stepping another way so I passed to catch up with them, and then I discover agirl scream, and then I just see uh … some barf. You read some barf. Out of another person’s speak. Uh-huh. And the people who were walking with the girl who barfed — one of them slipped and fell in the vomit. Fell into another person’s barf.Splash. All title so they’re hooking me up withextra bacon, which I’m terribly, very excited about. One of the benefits and/ ordetriments to telling Five Guys and putting it in your auto, and delivering it dwelling is that the smell stays in your automobile. for about a day.Like, tomorrow, when we go out, the car will smell of burgers, which is fine withme. It’s a bunch of tinfoil.[ Rip] HA! So that was absolutely delicious.One of my favorite things to get on a Friday night is a burger from Five Guyswith extra bacon, which they altogether fixed me up with. I’m gonna flash theapproximate macros up on the screen right now. Usually you can look up FiveGuys … Usually? All the time! You can look up Five Guys on MyFitnessPal, and merely kind of plug in what you had.I usually enter something like, doublebacon cheeseburger, bunless, and I get approximate … you are familiar with, solutions forcalories, fat, protein, carbs, that kind of thing. Let me know what you think aboutFive Guys, down in the comments. Are you big love like I am? It’s one of myfavorite things to get on a Friday night, a bunless burger with all thebacon. So, if this is your first time now, delight consider agreeing, and that’sgonna do it for this week! I will see you soon.I told you it would reek like burgersin now ..

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