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Hello everyone today I am going to show youhow to meet the best vegan keto bread on the planet, which hasbeen delicious since I mentioned in the last video that I was on murderer Jenny dyinga little while ago probably about three months and so far I feelrelieved so if you know any Something about the absolutely killer genetic nutrition, it’s mostly cutting down on sugar and carbs, that’s the main thing, then you take a moderate amount of protein and you increase the overweight, so that’s it my bodydoesn’t crave sugar or starch per se, I symbolize sugar it It’s relatively easy for me, I’ve never had a sweet tooth so I don’t feel as specific but the carbs are handy, it’s not a starch person fat, it’s kind of more in thecontext of what the quality of dough cookies is and generally simply therecipes you are eligible to build with them, so I’ve become My job is to experiment and findrecipes that is not simply replaceable, but smack better so I’ve beentrying a few cases recipes with keto not the eat recipes I picture most oftenare the ones with flaxseed ya coconut flour so tacky food isgood but the radiance It has a extremely enunciated smell and flavour, so it’ssomething you either actually experience or don’t enjoy very much. As for me, I’m notmuch on the side, though, moving flaxseed eat for me isa bit tricky because the dough is very sticky and not easy to handle, I notice I would use coconut flour for a flatbread yeah it turned outreally good And it tastes pretty good, but the problem is that for me the polouse count is stilltoo high if you look at the nutritional quality of coconut flour and it depends onwhere you get the flour I’ve seen the patrolman counts from four hundred and twentythousand up to fifty something, so for me, That’s pretty high-pitched, I want to be ableto enjoy this flatbread without telling King that I’m actually dieting, so I’ve been experimenting with almond flour and it turns outbeautifully textured and it tastesgreat, so today I’m going to show you how to realize Ottoman FlatbreadUltima keto or vegan and gluten free the ingredients you need so the first thingwe need is I’m a bloom so this is really important to you I’d like to find thefinest flower I can get in terms of how gently ground it is and I’ll gointo more detail with a grow later And Why is it importantThe next thing we need is psyllium husk pulverization if you are not used toit, it is basically a unadulterated fiber that comes from the seeds of seeds and you can look for itif you are interested in knowing what kind of plant here it is usedoften for vegan baking and also keto eat ok whatbread does is it ousts gluten from regular flour if you mingle it with waterit turns out fairly sticky it is therefore kind of purposes a lot likegluten in regular flour i mean you should be able to get On thisreasonably easily nowadays from health food stores we need some olive oil, some baking pulverization and some salt and these are all the ingredients you need soI want to explain a little bit about almond flour because a great deal of parties areconfused that “theyre using” the wrong type of flour for cooking no It turnsout really well, so this is actually ground almonds and very similar to our milk, I think it’s probably the same merely this one you can see the emblazons are wan, sothis almond doesn’t have the eggshell a good deal from the almond snack alittle darker because Basically entire almonds that are dirt into a powderwhich is totally cous and this is a great heart of many recipes beforethe flatbreads motive this, so we don’t want to use this and the next almonds I wantto show you what has been described as almond flour and so you can see that thecolor is a little paler not even finer i think this one can work okwe have a recipe today but it might be a little too coarse you can try butwhat you really want is extra fine almond flour and this is importantfor this recipe because if the flour it will cause the dough to start Itscrumbling so what the hell are you require is an extra fine I’m a flower I went from amazon If we canfind that extra fine it labor fantastically so let’s draw thedough I’m going to take a big mixing bowl and the first thing we want to add isalmond flour so we want half a bowl of almond flour the work requires acquire youflatbread so I’m a vegetarian and then we need three tablespoons ofpsyllium husk but we’re only going to add two tablespoons for now and thenwe reserved one tablespoon for last-minute to adjust the humidity in the dummy soI’m going to add in two tablespoons From and then we will add Half ateaspoon of baking soda is not that much and then a teaspoon of salt soI have a half a teaspoon here so I’m going to add 2 teaspoons, that implies a teaspoon ofsalt and then we’re going to add a tablespoon of olive oil around that bowl andbefore we start desegregating it we want To compute it in one cup of campaign. mwater, warm water simply road let me show youyou mostly include in half a cup of freshly evaporated spray from the boiler addin it and then you supplemented in half a bowl of room temperature liquid okayso that you make warm water here and now get up from the warm spray inthe mingling bowl ok and now you have a cup of options you can either start mixing itwith pewter or a spoonful like this and mix it well or if “youre ever” lazylike me and have a food processor or a whole blender you can use to mix it up for youthats what i will do so i have my food mixer now and i will popThis mixing bowl is here and I start mingling since in the mixer forabout 2 minutes now I want to turn it off and check the consistency so atthis moment the dough will gape exceedingly dry and a bit stickywhich is normal so if it feels really damp this is it The moment we want to add inmore psyllium husks it feels a little soft so I’ll exit scatter alittle more psyllium husks so do it with carefulnes you don’t want to overdoit you don’t want it to become too frothy so take a tablespoon and then Sprinklehalf a tablespoon over there now and I’m going to mix it up again so here’s the dummy so in the process ofmixing I checked a goblet of meters and then contributed more psyllium husks so Iended up lending less than three tablespoons in total so you cansee the dummy here it’s still Very sticky but it’s not really sticky tomy hands so the quality is very wet We’re going to quickly exactly turn itinto a projectile Okay now so far we’re going to wrap with cling film and leaveit to rest for about 10 minutes so I have a piece of sticky cinema here and simply doPop it in now and wrap it up and I’ll be back in ten minutes soit’s really important to let it rest for at least 10 times and whatgives all the ingredients some time to come together and you’ll find thatafter the rest time the doll will be less sticky andeasier to handle and you’ll get much better upshots so let’s Take a seem it has beenresting for about ten minutes and you will find that the texture has become lesssticky and if that is too easy to handle what we want to do now iscut it into four equal widths let me try to do that so you take a knife or a cutterand just cut it in four and You can quantify it and make sure it equals if you wantto make sure the bowl weigh is accurate , now you simply roll each one ofthem into a little ball, I signify the quality is very flexible soyou may find that they don’t fairly blend with each other very well but that’sperfectly fine even better what you have and roll it into a lousy shape ok nowyou want to take 2 slice of baking expanse so here is the baking sheetsmooth side up i will frame my dough here in the middle and press ita little then take another sheet with the smooth back down hi sandwichokay then take a rolled pin and we start rolling it out until the dough iscompletely solid so you will have to practice this a few eras and thenroll it at a 90 measure tilt and then all the way over to the other side until you shootthis pasty shape and hinder doing this I necessitate it takesa while to get used to it because the texture A bit more, and I’d sayregular dough ejects, but you’ll get used to it quite quickly, I predict, so be patient androll it up evenly, what I find it’s supportive in between if youpull the working paper up a few cases seasons and throw it around and do the same thing, it willfree the doll from depositing A parcel of paper and this is thestar d too. And if “youve had” that kind of unevenness you can just takebits of it and stay it in a bit lessand roll again, I contemplate the desire is to bevery skinny but I recommend it to keep it sensible thicknessto begin with I mean you still r shocking that you only makea little smaller flatbread as you get better at it you can rollclose to a thinner let’s take a look so this is the number oneflatbread i just made it and mounted it aside and flooded it with clean-living cinema to keep itmoist we will prevent going out the rest of the flatbread then we will cut itok so this is flatbread number two I signify if you’rea pro whatever and cut it but to be honest I’m home cooking and Iembrace imperfection so I prefer my meat because let’s germinate rustic it’stotally penalty for me ok so we’re ready to cook and know What todo is take a medium frying pan and we will spray alittle olive oil so time a little and we will turn the heat onprobably around medium and not too strong we don’t want the meat to burn andjust give it a small roll like this then take a piece of kitchen paper, so are you going to use it almost like a clean and We are going to geta little oil out so what the hell are you require is to train a frying pan with lubricant there isa nice membrane of petroleum in there and we will take a flap now and applied itin the centres of the go and let me cook so it depends on theheat and on your wash it will probably take a few minutes beforeyou like In the conjure, so have the spoonful ready and you’ll know it’sready to flip when it starts to bubble. So be patientand let me cook slowly ok let me do a little selection on the side so our last one isperfect so I’ll flip it over and concoct the other side it’s aperfect golden brown and that’s when it’s important to keep it on low-grade heat ifI start and go straight to The inside is very hot it will turn blackI guess I’m happy with this so prepare a plate and employed it on theplate we can cook the next plateful well I guess that’s cooked too so I’ll set aside I’ll concoct the remainder of the food I’ll see youin a little[ music] So here’s the cheetu flatbread I just wantto quickly prove you how soft and suggestible this bread is, it’s aconvenient, heated, enormous popper and has a slight almond smell and you canroll it up and do whatever you want with it to the perfect texture, so what I’m going to dois situated some satisfying in there and then constitute The accommodation is going bad, soI got some salad buds, tomatoes and avocados here. I likewise got myfavorite vegan mayonnaise so I’m going to take a lump of mayonnaisehere and spread some mayonnaise on top of it I think it’s a little muddled but that’s oknow I’m going to put a little avocado in some tomatoes and if I leave the salad a little salt and here I’m going to scatter alittle of MCT oil if you’re not used to itkind of sanctified coconut oil it’s really good for you, peculiarly when you’re on a keto diet so I’m just going to spray a few on it justa few drops splash some black jelly and finally some sliced almonds, I symbolize if it’s not Well, I don’tknow what he’s going to do, so now the Challengeris actually one of the persons who threw alot of substance in the covers.My downfall but hey let’s give it a go soi’m going to roll it up and i was actually not too bad a sound it’s totally penalize yeah that’s perfect NowI’m chipping it up and I’m trying to make it jolly naturally if I make itfor myself I cut it right in the middlebecause you know it’s a YouTube video Let’s get a little fancy that my flatrolls are done[ music] So here’s my keto flat form, it was so lovely now it’s time to eat I’mreally hungry so I miss the pierces of that mushy and moisture that’s so goodif it’s great and it proceeds really well it goes well with avocadommmmmmm very good so with bread you can either Make them fresh h and eatthem right away You attend, it’s not that hardto do, but when you can do it insteadI make about 10 -1 2 of them eat a beaker of them right away and applied therest in the freezer if you plan on eating them in a couple of daytimes or so Next three days, exactly wrap it up in a pouch a plastic objective or a meat bagthen keep it in the refrigerator or if you want it to keep it longer you canput it in a freezer handbag and then employed it in the freezer you can probably getaway with not separating them but i will advise maybe continue a pieceof cling film between the patty just in caseand those are with the flour we are using in this recipe again this isvery good and this is a lot of cheaper flour you can get i got this luggage where1 kilo kilo here is about 13 pounds so you can work it out withdollar silvers or coppers the other but considering she’s got one kilo withthis recipe with four flat brias we only use approximately half a bowl so I’ve lived, that’s a speedy math I know I can count but I’ve got my calculator sowith a kilo of flour you can Makes up to 64 flatbreads so it’s not too bada treat if you think about it you know 14 poundsfor 64 flatbreads I think it’s worth the speculation so seem it upand it will give the best ensues so let me know if you have any questions for thatI’m looking forward to Show me another recipe next time, I mean I have a few morein the making, and I’m still planning on showing off my cabinets more as well as myshopping jaunts in terms of whatI’ve done to adapt a kind of Akito way of eating and a fewmore things so I’m looking forward to sharing that with you Next time until I see you next time[ music]

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