How to lose weight avoiding ‘drastic weight loss’ diets and make ‘small changes’ instead

Dr Richard Allison is a nutritionist at Herbalife Nutrition and head of nutrition at Tottenham Hotspur Women’s Team. He is also former head of performance nutrition at Arsenal Football Club and a registered dietician with the British Dietetic Association. He has shared his top tips with on how to start incorporating healthier choices into your daily routine, without going overboard.

Dr Allison said: “After a month of indulgence, many of us will make a resolution to go on a restrictive diet. Cutting back drastically or hopping on a fitness trend to shed the kilos in a quick timeframe. As a nutritionist, I can tell that’s a bad idea.

“Short-term, drastic weight loss fixes don’t work and this all-or-nothing approach to January is simply setting yourself up for failure. The result? You rebound and feel bad about ‘falling off the wagon’.

“If you’re looking to lose weight and improve your wellbeing – that’s amazing. However, adopting a longer-term healthy eating strategy that you can maintain and keep consistent is vital. Think weight-management, not weight loss and you’re there.”

With this in mind, Dr Allison shared five small changes people who want to lose weight and feel healthier can make to “help you shift your wellness in the right direction”.

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Dr Allison explained: “It plays a vital role in repairing muscles and helps you to feel fuller for longer – avoiding the risk of snacking on high fat, high sugar options.

“Including a high protein food in every meal is a great step and eating it first can also help you avoid over-eating. For those who struggle to get enough protein, shakes are a great and convenient option to give you a boost.”

Water is essential for overall wellbeing but staying hydrated throughout the day can also enable slimmers to feel fuller for longer, aiding weight loss.

Dr Allison recommended swapping coffee for water whenever possible throughout the day. He said: “It’s so easy to sip endless cups of tea and coffee, especially if you’re in an office or working from home – special moments that can help us get through…

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