How To Do The Fast 800 Keto Diet

The Fast 800 Keto is different from your typical high fat, low carb ketogenic diet. The Fast 800 Keto builds on the science that provides the foundation for The Very Fast 800 and simply reduces the carbohydrates even further to push your body into more consistent nutritional ketosis.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis, in basic terms, is the metabolic state that occurs when your body doesn’t have enough glucose from carbohydrates to burn for energy. When this happens, your body seeks energy in the form of glycogen (glucose stored in your muscles and liver). When glycogen stores run low, around 10-12 hours after eating, your body turns to fat as an energy source. Fat is converted into ketone bodies, which your body will then use for energy.

You can achieve ketosis through reducing your carbohydrate intake (nutritional ketosis) or through incorporating intermittent fasting/Time-Restricted Eating (fasting ketosis). Here at The Fast 800, we offer options for both, depending on what’s achievable for you.

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What foods to eat on The Fast 800 Keto Diet

If you’ve read Dr Mosley’s latest book, The Fast 800 Keto, you’ll know that he recommends following the rule of 50:50. Keeping carbohydrates under 50g per day and ensuring protein remains above 50g.

For the Online Programme, we have now developed keto meal plans, where calories fall between 800-1000 each day. The meal plans have been carefully designed to ensure you consume at least 50-60g of protein and around 20g or less carbohydrates. Our carbohydrates are significantly lower than Dr Mosley’s recommendations to allow you to add extra low-calorie, non-starchy vegetables to every meal, without having to worry about counting extra carbs.

If you’re looking for options with slightly higher carbohydrates and a greater focus on calorie restriction then The Very Fast 800 meal plans may be a better choice; The Very Fast 800 and plans including fasting days are similar…

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