How to clean an oven: 10p product that leaves oven looking ‘brand new’

For the oven racks, some suggested soaking them in soda crystals. 

Before placing them in the bath, though, Katherine Stanley advised placing “old towels under the racks so they do not put scratch marks in bathtub”. 

She added: “My mum soaks the racks in soda [crystals] overnight and the grime comes straight off. Make a paste of electric soda and wipe out the oven then wipe out the soda and grime sparkling results and non toxic.” 

Tina Betts said you didn’t have to use the bathtub to clean the oven racks, instead: “To clean your oven racks, I would suggest you go outside, put the racks into a plastic garbage bag, spray your racks with oven cleaner or whatever cleanser you choose. 

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