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If you’re asking yourself, ‘how often should you take a break from keto?’ then it might be time to change up your routine. The ketogenic diet, popularized by celebrities and fitness professionals alike, has been popular for years as a way to lose weight by taking the body into something called ketosis. 

Ketosis is when the body uses fat as fuel, rather than its preferred source of energy –  carbohydrates. This forces the liver to turn fat cells into ketone bodies, which can be used as fuel. As a result, you lose weight. 

To follow the ketogenic diet, however, you have to basically eliminate all carbohydrates. As one of the major food groups that makes up our eating, doing so can cause some issues at the beginning – with a keto headache being the most common. So, if you’re feeling the side effects and want to know about taking a break, here’s what two nutritionists have to say.

How often should you take a break from keto?

You should take a break from the keto diet regularly, whether that’s every few days or every couple of weeks. “Following any form of restrictive diet for a prolonged period of time is not recommended,” says nutritionist Jenna Hope (opens in new tab). “So I’d recommend regularly taking a break from following any form of restrictive diet such as the keto diet, unless you’ve been advised for medical reasons.”

The keto diet is a very high-fat, low-carbohydrate plan, she explains. “This poses a risk for high cholesterol if large amounts of saturated fats are consumed. Additionally, a low-carbohydrate diet is typically low in fiber, which if followed for a long period of time, can contribute to impaired gut health.”

When it comes to how long you should take a break for exactly, that’s up to you and how you’re feeling. “There’s no set recommended time to take a potential break from the diet,” Signe Svanfeldt, nutritionist at Lifesum (opens in new tab), says. “You should focus on eating in a sustainable and varied way that works for you and your lifestyle.”

Will I regain weight if I take a break from keto?

If you maintain a calorie deficit on your break from the keto diet, you will still continue to lose weight. High-fiber…

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