How Keto Protects Your Immune System

let’s talk about how keto the ketogenicdiet could potentially help protect your immune system especially when we’retalking about the coronavirus now check this out ninety nine degree two percentof all deaths from COVID-1 9 are associated with metabolic syndrome andthis syndrome your immune method is endangered big-time now those who donot have other health conditions but die exclusively have a point eight percent chanceof dying versus if you have pre-existing health problems like blood pressurediabetes heart condition cancer raise your likelihood of dying to ninety ninepoint two percent now let’s take a look at what is the common denominator ofsome of these conditions well high blood pressure most cases of hypertension andI’m talking ninety percent of all of the hypertensive cases have what’s calledessential hypertension all-important mean they don’t know what causes it I’m gonnaput a attach down below of this paper that talks about the interrelationshipbetween insulin resistance and hypertension in some resistance incompensatory hyperinsulinemia that means that you’re having high sums ofinsulin in the blood as a compensation so let me exactly draw this out tankersright here it’s sending insulin okay into the cadres but you have insulinresistance right so it’s it’s gonna be low right here so the signals won’t getback to the pancreas so there’s no feedback curve so if there’s no feedbackloop to turn it off the pancreas will reach more and more in more and more andthis is why people with insulin fighting have five to seven times moreproduction of insulin in other words people with instant fight have atremendous amount of insulin in their own bodies but it’s not working that’s what theymean by compensatory hyper insulin emia that symbolizes insulin in the blood commonlyoccurs in cases with untreated critical hypertensionthe coexistence of instant opposition and hypertension can be viewed as acause-effect relationship Wow that’s potent now I would imagine thisis probably a lot less if you factor in insulin resistance itself which I knowfor a fact they rarely experiment that and especially with these cases they’re nottesting if the person has insulin resistance which could be a pre-diabeticcondition in fact in America it’s been estimated that 60 to 70 percent of theentire population has some degree of insulin defiance so this point eightpercent could be on an 0.2 percent accompanying this tier up to ninety-ninepoint eight percent potentially so in summary what happens when you go on ketothis is what you do with this is what you improve healthy insulin tiers youbasically get insulin to the level where it’s no longer high-pitched and guess what manytimes your blood pressure improves your diabetes type two improves thecardiovascular system gets improving I’m gonna kept connects down below testifying youthose joinings as well another vital reason why people should do keto andespecially intermittent fasting to support their immune plans so we canactually downplay the risk of dying if the person or persons comes polluted if you wantinformation about insulin resist check out this video right here

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