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Are you struggling with too much body fat? Would you like to stop the obesity cycle? It is vitally important to ask yourself in order to attain considerable weight loss.  

Evidence suggests that extra deposition of fat in the body leads to obesity, which is a major cause of several health conditions like heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, respiratory issues, hypertension, sleep apnea and even cancer.  

Obesity is a serious health issue and biggest health concern that deteriorates your overall fitness and reduces life expectancy.  

Health experts claim that obesity is a prevalent health condition which can affect youth, adults and children. It is a worldwide issue which has huge recognition due to its risky consequences and devastating effects.  

So, have you asked yourself “how this disease developed? What is the cause of it? And how can we prevent obesity?”

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Before starting any preventative program, you should know the leading causes of obesity and where it comes from?  

In this column, we will further discuss the variety of causes of obesity and the most effective and new invention which is developed to fight against obesity in a significant manner.  

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What are the causes of excess fat accumulation in the body or obesity? 

There is no doubt that obesity is developed with so many lifestyle factors including unhealthy eating habits, poor sleep cycle, depressed mood, long hours sitting, lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, medications, hormonal balances and the consumption of sweetened beverages & high calorie food.  

We may neglect or ignore these daily habits but remarkably, these are imperative issues which we need to tackle to keep our health & body weight on the right track.  

This kind of lifestyle starts depositing unhealthy fats, adipose tissues and extra calories in the body and make you obese & overweight.  

You should jump start your weight-loss journey with amending your lifestyle & sleep patterns and eating habits which contribute to influential results in steady…

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