‘Healthy’ wraps ranked by calories, from lowest to highest

Are you a fan of wraps? Seemingly lighter alternatives to bread, there is a growing range of wraps in supermarkets with minis, low carb, veg and protein just some of the varieties you can find.

Relatively processed, a quick scan of the ingredient list will reveal a range of additives used to give wraps their density, texture and extended shelf live which means that they are not always a ‘healthier’ alternative to bread.

In saying this, wraps can also offer wholegrains, dietary fibre and be an easy to eat option, especially in lunchboxes.

The key is to match your wrap to your nutritional requirements, and seek out fibre-rich, wholegrain options where possible. 

Author Susie Burrell is a leading Australian dietitian and nutritionist, founder of Shape Me, co-host of The Nutrition Couch podcast and prominent media spokesperson, with regular appearances in both print and television media commenting on all areas of diet, weight loss and nutrition.

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