Healthy Pizza Recipe – How to Make a Keto-Friendly Pizza (PART 2) – Dr.Berg

so what is the nutritional sketch onthis Pizza Karen well Eric this pizza is very healthyScott no flour got love get good trash as toasty hey guys we’re back in in this videowe’re gonna do a part two version of the last pizza recipe now why are we doinganother pizza video recipe can because you built the pizza even better oh mygosh this and you’re wearing an apron that’s right so here’s the thing there’sa couple little nips that we’re going to show you how to reach number one youneed to get a pizza stone you need to heat it about 20 minutes after it hits4 50 then you slither it in there so the bottom part of this crust becomes veryvery nice yeah because here’s a big mistake that people are fixing they’rebaking the layer putting all the top on and then stick it in the oven as one youhave to bake the crust firstly then leant the top on and re broil it okaythe crests you know all that little material you know I like it so then too a coupleof the points don’t framed a lot of cheese on the top part of it and don’t threw alot of sauce merely a little bit and then you know I like the sprout thepepperoni the olives can we taste it okay yeah let’s let’staste this and then make sure after you taste ityou placed it back on the point right ever immediately taste it and then putit back down that’s mmm we learned that this is like the real dealit’s really good I would lend chili pepper flakes cuz I like tabasco pepper butthe layer is the key mm-hmm is everything it’s not soggy it’s thincrusted so check out how to make this but your criticisms belowis there any flour in this absolutely zero flour is it nutritional absolutelynutritious yes parts are hormone free organiccheese nitrates we don’t do vegan recipes I make rarely we may butby and large that’s not gonna be the recipe so this isn’t veganbut it’s really really really gone right check it out you Oh apply it up crazy roadway chipped that outhey guys expressed appreciation for so much better for watching please click the subscribe button and Iwill see you in the next video

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