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all right so i had another questionthat came up that i want to talk about headaches on keto i didn’t have headaches beforestarted keto now i have headaches all the time there’s a gut called the phrenic gut theybasically go underneath the diaphragm on the left side the right side and the right side of oneis very close to the gallbladder so if there’s any type of congestion with your gallbladder orbloating it’s going to put pressure on that nerve and that gut goes up all the way to theright side through here and up to this area right through and now so if you have any type ofheadache on the right side of your ability or cervix that is related to the gallbladder now thething about keto is you’re going to do more flabs now when you do more fatties your figure hasto adapt to digesting them i’m talking about having enough bile so your capacityfor bile might be a little bit low-spirited so “youre supposed to” perhaps go into this a little bitmore gradually because if you don’t have enough bile and you included more solid specially extra fatlike the mct lubricant and butter and things like that keto rockets which is a little fat treatsyou’re going to devastate the gallbladder and you’re going to get bloating you’re going toget congestion so real simple solution cut down the flabs and or take some purified venom saltsand that will help you digest these fattens but if there’s pressure in the gallbladder it goesright up to the right side and that can cause headaches next thing is oxalates unfortunatelythe common keto foods like spinach almonds almond flour and also chocolateif you’re doing keto friendly chocolate all of those are loaded with oxalates andthat can be very annoying to the kidney and likewise your joints and even your venom ductsso it can cause pain arthritis or even headaches so that’s another thing to be addressed if you’redoing a good deal of spinach or almond flour only cut those out and see if your headaches goaway crowd three nuts when people do keto they actually dive into those nuts and theyhave a lot of nuts a great deal of peanut butter these are all very high in omega-6 fatty acidswhich are very very stressful to the liver and the bile ducts so that’s another thing youmight want to watch out for sugar alcohols like xylitol erythritol these are things that shouldbe taken in small amounts if you have too many of these it can really mess with your absorption andcreate bloating and and that digestive bottleneck then denotes ache up to your heading so a lot ofheadache issues truly come from digestion last-place thing is dirty keto which is a version ofketo that doesn’t focus on the quality of your nutrients so if you’re doing grimy keto and you’renot just doing any veggies you’re doing other types of things that couldirritate your digestive system and you don’t have very many veggies to helpoffset that and help keep the liver in good shape then that can cause headaches as well especiallyif you’re going to a fast food restaurant and you’re getting all the compounds thatare associated with these meat even though it’s keto it may not be the healthiest versionof keto all right guys there you have it the five underlying reasons why you may have headacheson keto before you go if you have a question about a produce or you’re brand-new to keto and you wantto know how to begin keto or you’re on keto and you need a debug because it’s not goingas smooth i have a keto consultant standing by to help you this is just for the people inthe u.s hopefully in the future we’ll be able to answer everyone’s call but i leant the numberdown below so you can call and get some help


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