GOOD and BAD Fats on Keto! (Eat More of This One!)

in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about whatare good and bad fattens for keto as with any group of menus not all fats are created equal thereare actually some each type of fattens you want to be destroying more of and some less of because believeit or not consuming too much of the wrong type of solid on keto can actually hinder your results andthe type of fat you is intended to be depleting more of might surprised to see me so in today’s videowe’re going to be talking about the different types of fatty the differencebetween saturated and unsaturated overweight and then the best high fatfoods you can eat for keto hey people welcome to my path if you’renew now my name is kait i’m a health manager and i post videos on a high fat nutrient thick-witted wayof dining if you like this video please give it a thumbs up feel free to share and make sure tosubscribe and make sure to follow me on instagram gab and facebook where i show new postsevery single day today’s video is sponsored by adapted nutrition for electrolyte supplementsspecifically formulated for the keto diet head to forward slash electrolytesand use code hck1 0 to save 10 off your say so today’s video is all about the best and theworst paunches you can eat on keta the keto diet is a way of eating that is low in carbohydratesmoderate in protein and high in fatty limit carbs in the nutrition allows your body to get into a statecalled ketosis where you’re burning mainly fat for vitality and because overweight consumption is so highon keto you need to make sure that you are eating the title types of fat types of fat before we getinto the different types of solid let’s firstly take a step back and talk about what solids are paunches aremade up of carbon and hydrogen the arrangement and period of these structures determines the typeof overweight “its important” for several operates within the body it affords us vigour we can eitherget vigour from glucose which is carbs or from fat it organizes our cell sheaths our brains andour nervous system it helps us to transport and absorb fat soluble vitamins which are a d e and kit helps us to make and balance hormones principally sex hormones and it dedicates us two crucial fattyacids omega omega-6 and omega-3 as you can see solid is a critical part of our nutrition fatty battery-acids canbe divided into two main categories saturated fat and unsaturated solid saturated overweight has all carbonsbonded to hydrogens whereas unsaturated overweight is missing some hydrogens because saturated overweights arestraight they can pack together more tightly and are solid at apartment temperature examples of foodswith principally saturated solid that are good for keto are butter coconut and dark chocolate which areall solid at chamber temperature unsaturated solids are somewhat bent mean they cannot bind togetheras tightly and they will be liquid at apartment temperature examples of menus high-pitched in unsaturatedfat good for keto are olives avocados and eggs most menus are made up of some combinationof saturated and unsaturated overweight butter for example is 66 saturated overweight and 34 unsaturated nowunsaturated fatty can be broken down further into two categories monounsaturated and polyunsaturatedmonounsaturated fat has only one carbon missing a hydrogen bond and polyunsaturated fatty has morethan four and here is why this is important the more missing hydrogens the most fragile the overweight isand the more fragile it is the more likely it is to oxidize when exposed to heat light and oxygenoxidized fats are particularly harmful to the body when we consume them they cause free radicaldamage and oxidative stress in layman’s calls you have a whole bunch of dangerous corpuscles setloose in your form they start damaging your dna your fatty tissues and your proteins oxidativestress can cause heart disease hypertension thickening of the routes neurodegenerativediseases cancer and too aging you can also be exposed to free radicals through cigarette smokepollution and radiation everyone knows just how bad these things are for the body but consumingoxidized fat can also cause free radical damage as i said before monounsaturated overweight is onlymissing one alliance whereas polyunsaturated fat is missing four this signifies the polyunsaturatedfats are the most susceptible to oxidation this isn’t a huge concern when you are gettingpolyunsaturated fatties from nutrients such as salmon and nuts nonetheless when you are cooking with petroleums highin polyunsaturated overweight this can be a big problem these solids are so fragile they are able to never beheated but unfortunately a good deal of petroleums that are high in polyunsaturated fatty are often recommendedfor fix soybean corn grapeseed lubricant these oils may have a high smoke point but that is notthe same as the top at which the petroleum oxidizes as we already discussed these types of flabs aresuper fragile and shouldn’t be heated at all petroleums high-pitched in polyunsaturated fatty should never be usedfor cooking but nutrients high in polyunsaturated solid can be expended in meagre quantities i’m sure you’veheard of omega-3 and omega-6 before and these are both types of polyunsaturated solid omega-3 iswidely seen as anti-inflammatory and omega-6 as inflammatory both are essential but most peopleare consuming way too much omega-6 which runs against omega-3 and starts sorenes a lot ofnuts are really really high-pitched in omega-6 and this can be an issue because nuts are often seen as aketo staple almond flour is commonly used to meet keto bread and other low-carb baked goods butbecause almonds are so high-pitched in omega-6 this can cause issues for some people yes nuts and seedsare fine to eat on keto but simply be mindful of how many of them you are consuming and how youare feeling and whether or not you are actually progressing towards your goals if “youre ever” feelinginflamed or you’re not losing heavines it could be due to the high extent of omega-6 in your dietsome examples of nutrients high in polyunsaturated solid that are good for keto are salmon oysters andwalnuts saturated fat there are several assertions made about saturated overweight that all of us have haddrilled into our brains saturated overweight justifications congestive heart failure saturated overweight motives diabetes saturatedfat blocks your veins none of these claims are actually genuine the conjecture behind the claim thatit hardens our routes is because saturated fat leads solid at room temperature it is assumed thatit will do the same thing in our routes however this is just a theory and has never been shownto actually happen within the body now there’s also some strong exhibit from epidemiology studiesthat high quantities of saturated solid in the food is linked to heart disease but such is studiesthat look at large groups of people and try to draw connections between their attires and healthoutcomes the problem is is that these types of studies cannot draw conclusions because there areso many variables the channel they gather data is from food frequency questionnaires that rely onself-reporting the problem with nutrient frequency questionnaires is that people can’t remember whatthey gobble every day let alone calculate medians these studies do not prove that saturated fatcauses congestive heart failure they show that people who have heart disease too consumed a great deal ofsaturated fat but they are likely also expended a good deal of refined carbohydrates they are more likelyto smoke and they are more likely to exercise less so how can you pinpoint saturated solid as thecause saturated overweight is actually good for us it is essential for energy it is essential for ourhormones and the tissues in our body it constructs up body which is a protective constitute of cholesterol nowthere is one type of saturated fat that has been shown to be particularly beneficial for weightloss but before i talk about that i wanted to tell you a bit more about today’s sponsor adaptednutrition electrolytes are very important on any form of a low-carb diet including keto when youare eating little carbohydrates your person retains less spray and too little electrolytes electrolytesare important for regulating nerve and muscle serve poising blood pressure regulatingheart conditions maintaining fluid counterbalance and more especially when you are firstly starting ketoit is critical to make sure your electrolytes are in check changed nutrition is committed toproviding simple science-based hydration makes from natural sea minerals a lot of electrolytesupplements on the market do not even contain a significant amount of electrolytes and are filledwith carbohydrate fillers and artificial ingredients all of which are unnecessary and sometimes harmfuladapted nutrition’s keto k-1 000 electrolyte powder was specifically drawn up for the keto diet itwill not break a fastest and most it will not kick you out of ketosis if you want to check out adaptednutrition you can head to forward slash electrolytes and use code hck 10 tosave 10 off your require thank you again to adapted nutrition for sponsoring this video the type ofsaturated fat that i wanted to highlight today is stearic acid stearic battery-acid is a type ofsaturated fat that has been highly associated with fat loss and not only fat loss but visceralfat loss specific steric acid is found in the fatty of meat animal overweight used for cooking such astallow and butter and is also in some fatty plant foods such as cacao butter in one study done onmice where the mouse were fed a food augmented with either stearic acid which is saturated fatlinoleic battery-acid which is polyunsaturated fat or oleic acid which is monounsaturated fatthey didn’t see much divergence in the total body value between radicals at the end of thestudy however the stearic acid radical witnessed a 70 reduction in visceral solid and an increasein lean body mass when compared to the other groups this study is of course just done on micebut it is still really interesting nonetheless swapping out your fix petroleum for one that ishigh in stearic battery-acid such as tallow or butter can help you to boost your stearic acid intake soin summary saturated fat is good and you should consume a lot of it monounsaturated fat is alsogood and is likely to be ingested in large quantities but when it comes to polyunsaturated fatty try to stayaway from oils high-pitched in it and focus more on whole meat beginnings solely those higher in omega-3than omega-6 anyways chaps that’s all i have for you today let me know in the comment section downbelow what your favorite high-pitched fat keto meat is i try to respond to every criticism that is madewithin the first day the best that i can so i’ll talk to you guys more there and recollect to checkout changed nutrition for all of your electrolyte needs i will lean their tie-in in the descriptionbox down below and if you guys did enjoy this video you might also enjoy my new to keto serieswhich i will relate right here if you want to check out my most recent upload you can find it hereand if you want to check out my keto diet and carnivore diet coaching curricula you can find themhere thank you again people i’ll told you next time bye

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