FULL DAY OF KETO FAST FOOD | In N Out Double Double, Chipotle, Starbuck | WHAT I EAT ON THE WEEKEND

great morning guys today we are doing a.
complete day of consuming now I consume a bit in a different way on the weekend during.
the week I'' m Mel prep which is the vital to my success but on the weekend break I like.
to you recognize see how I feel as well as head out to consume for the bulk of the time so I'' m. gon na take you men in addition to me I am on the means to drop my sister off because.
my vehicle is the struggle bus so we need to use her vehicle today.
so I'' m actually having passages now my mommy requested me to select up something.
for her so I'' m gon na do that I actually have some stuff at residence that I desire to.
eat up McDonald'' s morning meal is honestly like.
the very best morning meal to me if you individuals place'' t seen my mukbang on that particular I'' ll. link it in the summary box listed below yet this McDonald'' s today is really. for my moms and also I assume I'' m gon na make something at residence because I have some.
leftover trees though that requires to simply be consumed and absolutely nothing sounds better than.
a quesadilla to me today so I'' m gon na have a quesadilla for breakfast so.
I have actually some leftover cooked chorizo that I intend to go on and finish eating I'' m. just going to sandwich that with some Mexican cheese as well as this Latour Tia.
manufacturing facility low carb tortilla this is amazing on the carb matter if you look.
the overall carbohydrate count is 11 grams yet there'' s 8 grams of dietary fiber so'it
' s. actually two carbohydrates per tortilla now these tortillas are a bit.
hard objective has a respectable one that'' s for net carbs that
I assume you. need to look into but if you intend to go as low carb as possible these are a.
winner since there are only 2 web carbohydrates.
they tasted actually good if you cook them I'' ve been using them as like a BLT cover.
as well as I wear'' t warm him up or anything however cooked these are incredible as well as they crisps.
up nicely you see that Suzhou make a decision not I obtained a.
new gown people it looks so great face to face I assure.
who recognized you would in fact like shopping once you are able to fit in the.
clothing so I generally eat precisely where our movie and also enjoying YouTube video clips I'' m. simply mosting likely to proceed and do that yeah that'' s good great wear whatever you desire.
amazing what'' s up simply considering you you recognize you wan na attack come down hmm trees.
Oh so struggles of an all-natural girl my hair.
wasn'' t acting right so needed to be lit up in a puff which not the smoke is very large.
today which I'' m satisfied concerning so it'' s time for us to head to church get a word in and.
I don'' t recognize it ' s as much as my mommy whatever she intends to do'today we ' re gon na be. doing that since she ' s vacationing so I desire her to have a wonderful day I consume slower currently you recognize attempting to.
decide when I draw you recognize I'' m type of on a weight-loss trip.
you understand you recognize you guys this is the most effective flavored water.
ever the watermelon period fizzy water zero carbohydrate absolutely no sugar no fat no.
every little thing but all the flavor I promise you obtain it excellent cost yeah these were 2.
for 250 I'' m definitely gon na buy some of these they'' re so excellent as this is my. very first time trying these consume peanuts they'' re amazing as well as the carb count is.
actually excellent on this it is only 9 grams of carbohydrates as well as four dietary fiber so I'' m. gon na be snacking on these all day I'' ve been out since.
4:30 or 5:00 so this is much-needed it'' s simply a grande iced coffee with a shot of.
sugar-free vanilla syrup and a dash of whipping cream the technique is to add cinnamon.
as well as vanilla to this the powders that they have around absolutely take.
benefit of that so we'' re finishing our evening with an excellent motion picture as well as we'' re gon na. slip in some in and out no due to the fact that we put on'' t desire to spend anymore cash that.
we need to at the movies absolutely let me know in the comments down listed below if.
you'' ve ever snuck food in to the residence movie theaters and if you still do that.
due to the fact that I do that without any pity I'' m not gon na spend$ 10 I can'' t also consume fifty percent. the important things there initially of all so I'' m not gon na spend $6 on a hotdog back as well as.
just have the hotdog and also not the switch that just doesn'' t even seem appropriate to me. people special whim it'' s great I was not wanted.
definitely wonderful idea mother ah oh my god you claimed additional don'' t mess around so goodbye desire you well I put on'' t think. I ' ve ever before had pickles on my burger it ' s an excellent no they don'' t usually put.
pickles yet they have it possibly a lot of individuals wear'' t like pickles on it because I find it weird that they still.
have it yeah McDonald cruising for like – okay for my hamburger needs to be in the.
state of mind for it up right here do a solitary event we are you men wrong I'' m virtually finished I had like three.
extra attacks Oh certain I'' ll take one give thanks to God.
hmm laughs bye Nosa them let'' s do it a lot for enjoying this video clip if you.
like more on what I consume in a day videos definitely absolutely give me a thumbs.
up as well as leave me remarks down below so I recognize to make 4 of them as well as I'' ll see.
you people in the next one bye.

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