Full Day of Eating Keto VLOG #05 | ZERO CARBS!

Time for another full period of eating vlog! I ponder I’m going to try to offset today a zero carb daytime. We’ll see how it goes, butI’m gonna give it a shot, coming right up! Hey, guys. Welcome to A.D. Keto. My name is Aaron. This is the channel where I talk about the ketogenic diet.I do some ketofood vlogs like I’m doing today, I do some keto recipes, I do some keto productreviews. If this is your first time here, satisfy consider agreeing, and if youdo be sure to click the bell icon so you get a notification whenever I upload newcontent. Hello, everybody. Welcome back to thechannel. I think that today, I’m going to do a full day of eating vlog. When Ifirst got up this morning I kind of felt like crap, I was like, “Do I truly want todo a full date of eating vlog? ” But then I get in the shower, I got dressed, and Ifelt much better.So I think that today I’m going to try doing zero carbs. Forthe last couple of weeks, I ought to have … let’s say, less than steadfast when itcomes to my nutrition. Not that I’ve gone crazy, but I’ve certainly tell my carbintake creep up into the … you are familiar with, 40 gram, 50 gram, 60 grams per day sometimes. So it’s gotten a little bit liberate, and I want to kind of tighten things up. So Ithink today I’m going to go and try to do zero carbs. As I record this, it’sabout 10:30 a.m.I have not had my coffee. I’m not gonna have a coffee thismorning, so I picture I’m just going to shoot for some down-and-dirty basics.Eggs — eggs and bacon this morning. We’ll see how I’m feeling at lunchtime.I’m planning on eating enough bacon and eggs so that I’m thinking I might nothave lunch. And then for dinner, I’m gonna do a rib gaze. That’s at least the plan.FYI, I’m a taller gentleman. 6 paw 3. I’ve been maintaining my value at aboutbetween 210 and 215. This morning, I stepped on the scale, and I see I was 212, 213. So my upkeep calories are around 2200 -2 300 calories, and I’ll tryto try to reached that today. So that’s the plan. I’m gonna go establish some breakfast.Well, the sons ought to have snacking chips and popcorn for breakfast. Great. So first things firstly — I’m gonna induce breakfast for Caroline.She has requested…bacon. This is Smithfield bacon. This is lowersodium, but I came this because there is no sugar in the ingredients. Every time I goto buy bacon, I’m looking for bacon that doesn’t have sugar as one of the mainingredients, and this was one of the only ones I could find. Okay, so I’m finishing up Caroline’s eggs.Hey was talking about the demon! I’m finishing up your eggs, dear, and I’vegot some bacon. I’m gonna originate some for myself. How are you feeling?[ shrug] Yeah? A little “meh”? You don’t want them too paper-y, but you don’t wantthem to gooey, either. All privilege, I’m going to put in all of this bacon.Some of it’sgonna be for me, some of its gonna be for mom, and I have one or two fragments leftover, for anyone else who might want it SplatterFest. SplatterFest! What do you say, Ted? Hey, Soph! hey catty. What “are you doin “? Oh, get her, Ted! Ooh, son. He’s platform some haymakers with those back … hind legs I affection that Ted’s security is gentlecuffing. Why ?! I’m throwing in the last four portions. We’re gonna time six members of these. Look at you and your one-handed technique! Yeah, baby! Yeah.Looks like intelligences. Well, they’re gonna be delicious mentalities. All liberty, there’s my breakfast. That issix slice of bacon and six scrambled eggs, scrambled in the yielded fatty ofthat bacon. It’s late enough that this is effectively my lunch, so I’ll apply themacros right up over here. So it’s been a jolly lazy day around here.I … I took a sleep. It was so sweet. And uh … Sara was nice enough to come and shootfootage of me while I was snoring. But I gotta say — the snore was very quiet.I used to snore like thunder. Non-scale success, I suppose? So it’s about 5:00 p.m. right now. It’s super-blustery outside, and cold. And I are of the view that I was planningto go get groceries today, and get a ribeye to make for tonight, but I picture I’m not going anywhere today. I thoughts I’m gonna stay inside. I might do…I’m gonna read a little bit more.I might do a little of YouTube stuff, and then start getting dinner ready in a little while. Sara got some chicken and porkchops out of the freezer, which i think is gonna be dinner. So I’ll still stickto my my zero-carb plan, but I’ll really conversion up the flesh choice.It’s gentle in this house! Crooked. You demand it more like this? No, daddy! What? How’s that, better? Yeah. Sara, check it out. I’m gonna do … I’mgonna do my pork chops in my bacon grease that I never cleaned from thismorning. That grosses me out. And there it is, another full daylight ofeating. I impeded my carbs to zero today. I started the working day with some eggs and bacon, made a nap, which I’m sure was attributable to my not having a coffee this morning. Iwish I could nap like that every day. Just…in the middle of the day. It’s so…invigorating for the afternoons. Man! But I can’t do without my chocolate. Tomorrow I’m gonna go ballistic with my coffee, I think.And then for dinner, justpork cuts! Thankfully, I did not clean my cast iron this morning, so there wasbacon … inexhaustible bacon grease inside, in which to keep the pork cuts. Ooh, theywere really good. But now you can see my macros for the day. I had about 177 grams of protein, 137 grams of solid, and that’s that’s all I’m gonna have! So that’sgonna package it up for this video, guys! I hope that members can enjoyed the footage of my catsfighting and striving and trying to murder each other, and I hope you have afantastic day, and I’ll see you next time! Oh! There it is.There it is ..

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