Food trends that should be on your radar, if they aren’t already

When it comes to how we eat and drink, a lot has changed since the pandemic. With more food lovers going online, the number of brands offering new and innovative food products has grown manifold. This has provided consumers with a range of options to choose from. But now the question arises, are the food consumption trends changing?

Here are a few trends that have emerged in food consumption, based on the performance of D2C brands on CRED Store.

Health Bars and Honesty The Way To Go:

Sometimes when you’re in a hurry to get to work or you find yourself close to missing your train, you could always grab a health bar and be on your merry way. Brands like The Whole Truth offer consumers a wide selection of granola and protein bars. Befikar, My Fitness, and Nutty Gritties offer a variety of other protein-rich foods. There’s something for everyone! And, brands like The Whole Truth clearly display their ingredients because they know that food lover are always aware and conscious of what they consume.

Travel the world through your plate:

Traveling the world through your taste buds has been made easier by brands offering sauces, dips, and other condiments native to various countries. If you’re jonesing for the perfect chili oil to accompany your dumplings, or for a sauce that satisfies your craving for pasta in minutes, you’re in luck! Brands like Wingreens, Meishi, and Moi Soi bring the flavors of the world to the comfort of your homes.

Indian sweets and snacks with a health twist are here to stay:

Indian sweets and snacks have had us hooked for centuries, but in recent times, this indulgence has come at a cost. Food enthusiasts today look for dietary options that align with their health goals. Lucky for us, brands like Go Desi offer products that marry the balance between healthy and tasty. So go ahead and enjoy your favorite barfi, without the guilt. The rise of regional snack brands is also one to marvel at with the likes of brands like Evolve, The State Plate and Postcard seeing immense traction across the country.

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