Food storage hacks: How to keep avocados ripe and edible for ‘up to two weeks’

Avocados are consumed in their millions by British households, but if they are not stored correctly, they can overripen and spoil quickly. spoke to Charles Haverfield, Packaging Executive at US Packaging and Wrapping about keeping avocados fresh and green for longer. 

Charles began: “The shelf life of your avocado will all depend on the ripeness of the fruit when purchased. 

“Naturally, buying an unripe avocado will last you longer – if your avocado is still bright green, it will need around a week to ripen before you can eat it.

“A fully ripe, uncut avocado can last up to two weeks after buying if stored correctly. 

“To slow down the ripening process and prevent your avocado from becoming a mushy brown mess, pop it in the fridge which will help keep it firmer and fresher for longer.” 

The expert also explained why avocados turn brown when the flesh is exposed. He said: “Avocados are highly perishable fruits and are particularly vulnerable to browning once they’ve been cut. This is because, like many fruits, avocados have an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase which reacts when oxidisation happens. 

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“Once the avocado’s flesh comes into contact with oxygen, a reaction happens that changes the pigment to brown and reduces the quality and texture of the fruit.

“Because of this, it’s best to leave cutting your avocado for as long as possible prior to eating to ensure you have the best quality avocado.” 

So is there a way to tell whether or not an avocado is perfectly ripe and ready to eat? Charles said: “Colour and firmness will help you to determine whether your avocado is perfectly ripe. 

“First, check whether the colour of the skin is dark enough. An underripe avocado will still be a paler shade of green instead of the classic dark green or brown shade.

“You should also give your avocado a gentle, yet firm, squeeze to test its texture. A ripe avocado will yield slightly without being overly soft. An avocado that gives too easily is undoubtedly overripe and mushy, while one that has no give and feels too firm will need longer to…

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