Food storage hack: ‘Recommended’ fridge spot to keep aubergines fresh for up to one week

How to store aubergines

Marcin Skrzypiec, author of Does It Go Bad said: “You can either refrigerate your aubergines for about one week or leave them at room temperature, where they’ll keep for three to four days.”

The food storage expert noted that no matter where you choose to keep them, you should remember that these purple vegetables are “sensitive to ethylene”, which means they should be kept away from bananas, apples and pears in particular.

If this is not an option, you should keep the aubergines in a bag to protect them from ethylene gas. When it comes to choosing the perfect spot to keep fresh aubergines, you should consider the environment.

Marcin said: “Aubergines prefer spaces with high humidity, and the most humid place in the fridge is usually the crisper drawer, so that’s the recommended storage place in the refrigerator – even though it’s not the warmest.”

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