Flaxseed Loaf of Bread, Tortillas & Crackers (1 Ingredient) | Vegan, Paleo, Keto,

1–> 00:00: 05,000 Hi everyone and therefore welcomed my path. In todays video Im gonna share withyou a recipe for flaxseed dough, flaxseed flatbread( or tortillas ), and flaxseed crackers. Im not sure I can even call it a recipebecause the flaxseed bread consists of only one ingredient and thats flaxseeds. So, tells hop right in. I am exploiting golden flaxseeds because theirflavor is mild compared to brown flaxseeds, and likewise, I elevate the lamp colouring. Nonetheless, brown flaxseeds or a mix of the two work time as well ..


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Keto Breads

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