Flavorful, healthy meals, to-go options at PangeaKeto

I’m not sure how I didn’t know about PangeaKeto until now. I’m not a believer in the Keto diet − or any trendy diet for, that matter − but I do like to mix in healthy meals to keep things balanced.

So, once I realized PangeaKeto was on Portage Street in Jackson Township, I decided to check it out right away.

On a chilly, rainy weekday evening, my husband, Austin, and I popped in. PangeaKeto is marketed as a bistro and grocer, but I couldn’t find any information or photos showing tables for dining in the store. I was happy to find that there was seating available inside, so we could eat there.

It was kind of busy when we stopped in, with people milling about buying groceries and a few parties were placing orders before us. 

We grabbed some drinks − Black Cherry Sparkling Ice ($2.25) for Austin and Brasilia Blueberry Bai ($2.75) for me. 

After perusing the menu for what felt like 10 minutes, I finally decided on something. Everything sounded good, and I wanted to try something I don’t normally get.

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While we waited at a table for our food to come out, we noticed all the store had to offer. The waffles, pepperoni rolls and pizza definitely caught my eye. I also noticed chips and what looked like salad dressings. I might have to come back to pick up some stuff for meals at home.

I chose a chicken and rice bowl, while Austin got a turkey bacon wrap, which comes with a side.

For my bowl, which was customizable, I chose cilantro lime cauliflower rice, chicken, mozzarella, pico de gallo and avocado mayo sauce ($12). It reminded me of a healthier version of bowls at Chipotle. 

The cauliflower rice on the bottom had an interesting texture, something that surprised me a little bit. I’m weird about the texture of my food, and it took me a while to get used to the cauliflower rice. On top of the rice was the chicken and mozzarella topped with pico de gallo, and I drizzled the avocado mayo on top.

The flavors mixed well together, and I really liked the mayo. It added a creamy, cool element to the bowl that I enjoyed.

The portion was larger than I anticipated, with it being a health-based restaurant….

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