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Ethan Suplee had hit a skid in his personal life that saw him balloon up to 530 pounds. Even the former Hollywood A-lister himself realized that he needed to turn things around if wanted to improve his health and underwent an incredible body transformation. In a recent post made on Instagram, Suplee showed off his current physique in a shirtless pool photo.

Suplee first rose to popularity in 2000 for his work in the famous Walt Disney Pictures film ‘Remember The Titans’, where he played Louie Lastik. Nearly two decades on, he was not doing well in terms of his health and openly spoke about the difficulties that stemmed from his mental health.

Ethan Supple then realized a change was needed and started experimenting with different diets, going on a liquid diet with reduced calories combined with a solid training regime that helped him start dropping off some of the weight. However, the diet was not ideal for long-term practical use.

While a diet and training plan can yield the results they need, it may not be sustainable for long. So, Suplee took a simple, but effective, route and made sure to walk every day. He talked about not wanting to make lifestyle changes that might be too extreme and slowly worked his way up, starting from training only an hour per session as that was sustainable for him.

As for his diet, Ethan tried many different kinds of diets that were trending, such as keto, paleo, Atkins, and South Beach. He reported that he found the best results from following the keto diet for years, but with the caveat that he needed to add some carbohydrates to see the muscle definition he was looking for.

Ethan Suplee shows off his physique in a shirtless pool photo

In a recent post uploaded on his Instagram account, Suplee shared a shirtless photo of himself in the pool. He can be seen flexing his biceps while posing, while some ab development is visible as well.

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