Fasting vs Keto: What’s Better?

I want to talk about the differencebetween fasting and keto and which one is better I had this question come upunderneath one of the specific characteristics in my youtube videos so I’m going to exactly talkabout it so when we speak about keto we’re talking about low-carb now youcould do keto with zero carbs you were able to do that but most people have just asmall amount of carb they might have it between 20 and 50 grams but when you’re doingfasting you’re bringing it down to no carbs because you’re not eating anythingokay so just for the fact that you have no carbs means that you’re gonna haveway more ketones than when you do actually do keto if you compare themtogether now with keto you’re gonna be eating at a certain frequency and everytime you feed regardless of what you eat if there’s any any meaning ofcalories you’re gonna encourage something announced GIP okay that’s in thesmall intestine that prompts a spike in insulin so even though you’re consuminglow carbohydrates you are encouraging insulin when you chew to some degreebut over here when you’re fasting there’s no GIP aroused so you’regonna have a lot lower insulin and a lot more ketones that are generated allright next thing is that when you actually are in ketones you willstimulate certain genes that will help you in various ways but when you’refasting you actually enhance even additional genes that have to do withsurvival and unquestionably have to do with anti-aging and longevity which will helpthe brain become more focused and the heart to become more efficient and thoseketones that are generated for both will actually increase more oxygen in thebody and less co2 emissions and ketones in general act as antioxidants now with fastingyou’re going to get much more autophagy and that is a condition where your bodyis recycling old damaged proteins and turning them into new tissue now withketosis you are going to get some autophagy but not nearly as much so justby looking at these two alone you can see that fasting has a much more powerful impact on your state than only ketosis now Irecommend you combine them together because they will have a compoundedeffect the benefits will be enhanced because doing one will help the otherdoing this will help that it’ll be easier to time because when you’re doingfasting and then you ingested if you actually eat keto less carbs your cravingswill be diminished you won’t be hungry as much but if you’re doing fasting anddoing higher carbohydrates you may find that number one it’s gonna bump you outof ketosis for longer and you’re gonna be actually desiring for more carbs sothat’s one little issue with that so ingesting keto reaches fasting easier nowwhen you’re doing keto and not doing intermittent fasting you may not see thebenefits that you would especially with weight loss anti-aging cognitiveeffects specially if you’re doing keto with keto snacks so you’re doing threemeals with a snack in the morning lunch and at night you’re probably going toreally diminish your results so if you’re trying to lose weight and you’redoing keto but not IF and you have a sluggish metabolism you may find that you’regonna actually stall or plateau sooner or later so compounding both of these willdefinitely allow you to achieve your state aims much faster now if you’renew to my direct and you’re not sure how to do it I’m gonna recommend doingwhat’s called the healthy explanation of keto as well as intermittent fasting andI introduced a join down below of exactly where to get that planso I wanted to say thank you so much for watching my videos I really reallyappreciate it now if you have benefited from myinformation or videos and want to share it with the world countries I would love to haveyou write up a success narrative so clink the link down below pack it out and let’slet people know the benefits of healthy keto and intermittent fasting

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