Fase 2 – Dieta Keto Perfecta (DKP)

Fase 2 - Dieta Keto Perfecta (DKP)

Hi everybody I’m your Dr Bayter, as well as I’m really pleased … I’m going to make the most vital video about the keto diet plan. This is the video clip about phase 2. I’ll tell you something, phase 2 is an actually beautiful thing, but everyone does it wrong. They do it incorrect, and also they complain regarding it later on. “Dr. Bayter I’m not reducing weight. Dr. Bayter I’m inflamed …” “Dr. Bayter I’m driving crazy …” This phase 2 is most definitely another thing … I comprehend, you simply experienced a lovely stage 1. This lasted 21 days in which you really did not consume anything else than green vegetables and also this accomplished an excellent hormonal equilibrium. Ok, I imply “hormone harmony”. That hormonal harmony made your body create a stunning and also healing power that altered your life.But you reach day 21 as well as state … “I do not intend to go back anymore to eat carbohydrates due to the fact that they are “crap “… when I see a carb I really feel sick …” Look. The like stage 1 is the mind of the keto diet plan … This makes you have the hormone harmony that enables you to heal your body. Phase 2 is the heart of the keto diet plan. What does this mean? This implies the heart for you to continue dropping weight. Phase 1 is for recovery your body. Phase 2 makes you to shed weight continuously. Why? Since at the end of the 2 days, your body is mosting likely to remain in phase 1 the rest of your life as a result of adaptation. Going via stage 2 resembles slapping your metabolic process and also your body is going to believe that you are feeding it differently.

He won’t adjust, he will slim down. While in stage 1 you ate – I'' m going to discuss it, this video clip is mosting likely to last more than 15 mins – While in phase 1 you consumed 25g of carbs, or 20g from eco-friendly vegetables as well as this was crucial due to the fact that they have vitamins, minerals and also oligoelements. In stage 2 you are mosting likely to eat 25g of extra carbs different from green vegetables. These can be from fruits, we’ll chat a bit regarding that … These can be from nuts, we’ll speak about that, or dairy products like Greek yogurt. Legumes like beans, rice or grain. I’ll inform you. You are mosting likely to eat 25 additional grams of the important things I’ll call. Stick to me due to the fact that I’ll reveal you the carbs that are not component of the keto diet regimen, the ones that belong to the diet plan yet I don’t advise consuming, and the ones that become part of the diet plan and I advise.

These are 25g of carbohydrates from one solitary carbohydrate. If you choose oranges, these will certainly be 25g of carbs from orange. You can’t blend up 2 carbs. This is required. You can not mix peas with oranges … A solitary carbohydrate in a solitary dish. You decide which meal. At breakfast or at lunch, the most crucial point right here is that this needs to be before 3 pm. I don’t know if you obtained it, I’ll repeat … In stage 2 you are going to consume 25g of environment-friendly vegetables plus 25g of an added carbohydrate different from eco-friendlies that can just be picked from the ones I will certainly inform you, as well as this has to be before 3pm in a solitary dish. “This is very confusing Dr. Bayter”. I’ll clarify it as I such as to, in a physiological means. Let me inform you something. What’s a carbohydrate? Allow’s begin there. Similarly I clarified to you the classification of fats, I’ll explain what carbs are, how they are identified and also what impacts they have in our body. And also you are going to pick the most effective carbohydrate. Not all carbohydrates are great. There are gorgeous carbs, There are gorgeous carbohydrates, like the ones that are items of photosynthesis.This is from the light of the sunlight, the carbon and also the water in the dirt, I imply, 6 molecules of carbon dioxide and 6 molecules of water are going to create C2H2CO6. This is sugar as well as you can discover it in environment-friendly veggies, in the fallen leaves with the chlorophyll. This is complete of carbohydrates. “Dr. Bayter, how are the carbs identified?” They are identified in -according to the carbon web link- monosaccharides. This is a single molecule of carbon hydrogen as well as oxygen.What’s a carbohydrate? It’s a molecule with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. When we have a solitary molecule, this is called monosaccharides. Glucose is a monosaccharide. Your body uses it as energy. Fructose that is sugar from fruit, that your body doesn’t utilize as energy, as well as galactose. When 2 monosaccharides join, they create a disaccharide. Saccharose is an example of this. It’s the common white sugar you find anywhere. This is a union between saccharose and fructose. There is another one called galactose, this is glucose as well as lactose. An additional disaccharide is maltose, that is the union of 2 molecules of glucose.Monosaccharides and also disaccharides are called easy sugars. These are advised however I don’t like them significantly. There are others called oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. These are the union of several sugar molecules that are discovered generally in the roots. Bulbs are polysaccharides. These are unions of amylose and amilopectyn. These are terrible and also undoubtedly generate poor impacts. To summarize, easy sugars are monosaccharides and disaccharides. Intricate sugar, polysaccharides and also oligosaccharides. These are ways of storing sugar molecules. Now, let me clarify to you something gorgeous. Ultimately, the one that creates the hormonal result of triggering insulin in your body, in your pancreas, is the glucose. As well as the sugar doesn’t pay tolls. I imply, I’ll describe to you … If you consume a milkshake, that is a great deal of glucose particles together, your body doesn’t state”Excuse, you can not go through below … “The pancreas produces a great deal of insulin. For your pancreas a milkshake is the same as orange juice. For the pancreas these just are glucose molecules with each other. As well as the pancreatic does not bill tolls. “Oh, the glucose that simply got here originates from whole-grain pasta, so it’s much better … “”The glucose simply showed up comes from strawberry, that is glucose plus fructose. So the pancreatic it’s not going to turn on … “No. This needs to be clear. There’s no distinction. Everything that has glucose turns on the insulin production with its impacts. Then, below we go, my very first thing. Just how can you select your carbohydrates? You do it according to insulin activation, and this is really vital. It depends upon exactly how fast glucose gets into the blood stream. This produces something called glycemic impact or index. It implies that if you consume something like papaya, with a glycemic index of 60, it indicates that your blood sugar level climbs from 80 to 140. Ok? If you consume corn … As well as this has a glycemic index of 80, sugar rises from 80 to 160. If you eat white bread, with a glycemic index of 100, sugar boosts from 80 to 180. What am I trying to tell

you? A lot more importantly than the grams of carbohydrates in phase 2 is to know the glycemic impact that each carb has. The insulin impact relies on the glycemic index of a details carb. 100 points in the glycemic index suggests a 100 factors of insulin boost. After that, always that you choose a carb wear ' t look at the grams, yet take a look at the glycemic index first. That’s why the stage 2 of Dr. Bayter is various to all the keto diet regimens around the world. You are just going to select foods of reduced glycemic index. Whether this be phase 0, 1, 2 or 3. In any type of phase, carbs need to be of reduced glycemic index. In stage 1 there’s what I call glycemic index class 1 and also this is between 0 as well as 35. As well as in stage 2 this will certainly be between 0 as well as 50. Every little thing that is listed below 50 is taken into consideration a low glycemic index. This is a modification of sugar after consuming 50g of carbs in the blood, the adjustments that take place after 30 minutes of eating those 50g of carbs.That’s what’s called the food glycemic index. This diet plan must only be low glycemic index, not such as in
various other diet regimens that you can pick medium or low glycemic index. Ok, that’s it. I’ll tell you in a minute what foods you can consume in phase 2 as well as just how much for making the 25 additional grams. Ok, people, I’m your Dr. Bayter, this video is a little … but stage 2 is the heart of the keto diet plan, if you intend to continue losing weight. Keep in mind, stage 2, you are mosting likely to consume a single carbohydrate a day. That carbohydrate has to be from the ones that I’m going to tell you, you need to eat before 3pm and also it has to be of a glycemic index listed below 50. I’m going to inform you the carbs that are not component of the keto diet plan. There are fruits that are not component of the keto diet plan. Papaya has a glycemic index of 58. To put it simply, disposed of. Watermelon has a glycemic index of 60, it’s not part of the keto diet.Pineapple is not component of the keto diet regimen,

it has a glycemic index of 66, you can not consume it. There are various other foods that individuals enjoy to eat. As an example corn. You can eat corn, sorry mexicans fellows. Why? Since it has a glycemic index that changes between 70 as well as 90 according to the kind. Corn has actually to be thrown out from any type of keto diet plan. You are obese due to the corn. We are performed with the corn. There are various other aspects that I think about that are not part of the keto diet regimen. Why? Since these are polysaccharides, complicated as well as loaded with a great deal of glucose. These are whatever that expands below the planet. These are bulbs and also some veggies. As an example, yucca. This has a glycemic index over 70.

Thrown out. Carrots, you can see them below, so attractive. They have a glycemic index of 92. They have a great deal of sugar. Beet has a glycemic index of 80, a great deal of sugar. Bulbs like potato, glycemic index of 52. You didn’t make it potato, you virtually get it however no. Banana is a fruit with a glycemic index over 50, like mango. You can not eat it. People, you thought that honey was lovely, yet is pure sugar. Why? Due to the fact that honey is a mix of sugar as well as fructose. It’s glycemic index is not as high as you would anticipate – 87 glycemic index – but you can not consume it. Those are the foods that you can not consume in phase 2. Bulbs, fruits, honey, corn or soy.These are foods
that you can not eat. There are some foods that you can consume that I do not enjoy as much. I would not recommend them, yet there are individuals that consume this. Grapes, environment-friendly grapes have glycemic index of 45. You can eat around 60g of green grapes. I don’t like them, however you can consume them. However this would be all the carbohydrates that you can consume in stage 2. Currently tangerines. Tangerines are beautiful, with a low glycemic index. They have 12g of carbs for each 100g. When you determine to eat carbs that come from fruits, you can just consume 12g, 15g at max of these carbs a day. After that, when I claim a tangerine, you are not going to pick a tangerine like this … You are going to select 100g of this little tangerine, as an example, that is near 12g of carbs. You currently understand. If carbs come from fruits, you can just eat 25g. Why? Since fructose is not utilized as power. Fructose is mosting likely to go right to the liver to generate fat. To generate triglycerides, to make you sick and also make you insulin immune.

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