Fase 2 – Dieta Keto Perfecta (DKP)

Hi everyone Im your Dr Bayter, and Im very happy Im going to make the most important video about the keto diet. This is the video about period 2. Ill tell you something, time 2 is a really beautiful thing, but everybody does it wrong. They do it wrong, and they complain about it later. Dr. Bayter Im not losing weight. Dr. Bayter Im swell Dr. Bayter Im driving mad … This period 2 is definitely something else I understand, you precisely knowledge a beautiful chapter 1. This lasted 21 days in which you didnt eat anything else than green veggies and this accomplished a perfect hormonal offset. Ok, I convey hormonal accord. That hormonal harmony determined your mas produce a beautiful and healing power that modified your life.But you get to date 21 and say I dont want to go back anymore to eat carbs because they are shit … when I determine a carb I feel sick Look. The same as chapter 1 is the brain of the keto diet This manufactures “youve had” the hormonal peace that allows you to heal your body. Phase 2 is the heart of the keto diet. What does this convey? This means the heart for you to continue losing weight. Phase 1 is for healing your body.Phase 2 builds you to lose weight endlessly. Why? Because at the end of the 2 days, your organization is going to stay in stage 1 the rest of your life because of adaptation. Going through period 2 is like slapping your metabolism and your mas is going to think that you are feeding it differently. He wont adapt, he will lose weight. While in stage 1 you dine – I’m going to explain it, this video is going to last-place more than 15 minutes – While in time 1 you ate 25 g of carbs, or 20 g from light-green veggies and this was important because they have vitamins, minerals and oligoelements. In time 2 you are going to eat 25 g of added carbs different from lettuce veggies. These can be from fruits, well talk a little bit about that These can be from nuts, well talk about that, or dairy like Greek yogurt. Legumes like nuts, rice or cereal. Ill tell you. You are going to eat 25 additional grams of the things Ill name. Stick with me because Ill show you the carbs that are not part of the keto diet, the ones that are part of the diet but I dont recommend snacking, and the ones that are part of the diet and I recommend. These are 25 g of carbs from one single carb. If you have selected oranges, these will be 25 g of carbs from orange. You cant mix up 2 carbs. This is mandatory. You cant mix peas with oranges A single carb in a single snack. You decide which banquet. At breakfast or at lunch, the main thing here is that this has to be before 3 pm. I dont know if you got it, Ill repeat In chapter 2 you are going to eat 25 g of dark-green veggies plus 25 g of an additional carb different from dark-greens that can only be selected from the ones I will tell you, and this has to be before 3pm in a single dinner. This is very confusing Dr. Bayter. Ill explain it as I are happy to, in a physiological route. Let me tell you something. Whats a carb? Tells start there. In the same way I explained to you the classification of fattens, Ill explain what carbs are, how they are classified and what effects they have in our organization. And you are going to choose the best carb. Not all carbs are good. There are beautiful carbs, There are beautiful carbs, like the ones that are produces of photosynthesis. “Its from” the sunlight of the daylight, the carbon and the spray in the grunge, I represent, 6 molecules of CO2 and 6 molecules of irrigate are going to form C2H 2CO6. This is glucose and you can find it in light-green veggies, in the leaves with the chlorophyll. This is full of carbs.Dr. Bayter, how are the carbs categorized? They are classified in -according to the carbon links- monosaccharides. This is a single molecule of carbon hydrogen and oxygen. Whats a carb? Its a molecule with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. When we have a single molecule, this is called monosaccharides. Glucose is a monosaccharide. Your body exerts it as vigor. Fructose that is sugar from result, that your figure doesnt exploit as intensity, and galactose. When 2 monosaccharides join, they organize a disaccharide. Saccharose is an example of this. Its the common grey carbohydrate you find anywhere. This is a union between saccharose and fructose. There is another one called galactose, this is glucose and lactose. Another disaccharide is maltose, that is the union of 2 molecules of glucose.Monosaccharides and disaccharides are called simple sugars. These are recommended but I dont like them very much. There are others announced oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. These are the union of countless glucose molecules that are located mainly in the tubers. Tubers are polysaccharides. These are leagues of amylose and amilopectyn. These are terrible and clearly create bad impacts. To sum up, simple sugars are monosaccharides and disaccharides. Complex sugar, polysaccharides and oligosaccharides. These are ways and means to placing glucose molecules. Now, let me explain to you something beautiful. In the end, the one that produces the hormonal effect of activating insulin in your form, in your pancreas, is the glucose. And the glucose doesnt pay tolls. I symbolize, Ill explain to you If you imbibe a milkshake, that is a lot of glucose molecules together, your organization doesnt say Excuse, you cant pass through here The pancreas renders a good deal of insulin. For your pancreas a milkshake is the same as orange juice. For the pancreas these simply are glucose molecules together. And the pancreas doesnt charge tolls.Oh, the glucose that just arrived comes from whole-grain pasta, so its better … The glucose just arrived comes from strawberry, that is glucose plus fructose. So the pancreas its not going to activate No. This has to be clear. Theres no separation. Everything that has glucose activates the insulin yield with its effects. Then, now “theres going”, my first thing. How can you choose your carbohydrates? You do it according to insulin activation, and this is very important. It depends on how fast glucose get into the bloodstream. This generates something announced glycemic accomplish or indicator. It means that if you eat something like papaya, with a glycemic indicator of 60, it means that your blood sugar rises from 80 to 140. Ok? If you snack corn And this has a glycemic index of 80, sugar increases from 80 to 160. If you gobble white bread, with a glycemic index of 100, carbohydrate increases from 80 to 180. What am I trying to tell you? More importantly than the grams of carbs in phase 2 is to know the glycemic consequence that each carb has.The insulin effect depends on the glycemic index of a specific carb. 100 phases in the glycemic index entails a 100 targets of insulin increase. Then, always that you choose a carb don’t look at the grams, but look at the glycemic index firstly. Thats why the chapter 2 of Dr. Bayter is different to all the keto diets around the world. You are only going to choose nutrients of low-grade glycemic index.Whether this be phase 0, 1, 2 or 3. In any stage, carbs should be given to low-grade glycemic index. In time 1 theres what I call glycemic index class 1 and this is between 0 and 35. And in period 2 this will be between 0 and 50. Everything that is below 50 is deemed to be a low-grade glycemic index. This is a change of sugar after feeing 50 g of carbs in the blood, the changes that occur after 30 hours of ingesting those 50 g of carbs. Thats whats called the food glycemic indicator. This nutrition should only be low glycemic indicator , not like in other foods that you can choose medium or low-toned glycemic index. Ok, thats it. Ill tell you in a moment what foods you can eat in chapter 2 and how much for attaining the 25 added grams. Ok, parties, Im your Dr. Bayter, this video is a little but phase 2 are at the core of the keto diet, if you want to continue losing load. Remember, time 2, you are going to eat a single carb a daylight. That carb has to be from the ones that Im going to tell you, you have to eat before 3pm and it has to be of a glycemic index below 50. Im going to tell you the carbs that are not part of the keto diet. There are currently fruits that are not members of the keto diet. Papaya has a glycemic index of 58. In other oaths, abandoned. Watermelon has a glycemic indicator of 60, its not one of the purposes of the keto diet. Pineapple is not part of the keto diet, it has a glycemic indicator of 66, you cant eat it. There are other foods that people love to eat.For sample corn. You can eat corn, sorry mexicans fellows. Why? Because it has a glycemic indicator that fluctuates between 70 and 90 according to the kind. Corn has to be dumped from any keto diet. You are obese because of the corn. We are done with the corn. There are other parts that I consider that are not part of the keto diet. Why? Because these are polysaccharides, complex and filled with a lot of glucose. These are everything that stretches beneath the earth. These are tubers and some vegetables. For pattern, yucca. This has a glycemic index above 70. Discarded. Carrot, you can see them here, just so beautiful. They have a glycemic index of 92. They got a lot of sugar. Beet has a glycemic indicator of 80, a great deal of carbohydrate. Tubers like potato, glycemic indicator of 52. You didnt make it potato, you almost get it but no. Banana is a fruit with a glycemic indicator above 50, like mango. You cant eat it. People, you thought that honey was beautiful, but is unadulterated carbohydrate. Why? Because honey is a combination of glucose and fructose. Its glycemic index is no longer a high as you would expect – 87 glycemic index – but you cant eat it.Those are the foods that you cant eat in period 2. Tubers, fruits, honey, corn or soy. These are menus that you cant eat. There are some nutrients that you can eat that I dont love as much. I wouldnt recommend them, however people that munch this. Grapes, dark-green grapes have glycemic indicator of 45. You can eat around 60 g of light-green grapes. I dont love them, but you could eat them. But this would be all the carbs that you can eat in time 2. Now tangerines. Tangerines are beautiful, with a low-spirited glycemic index. They have 12 g of carbs for each 100 g. When you decide to eat carbs that is just coming up fruit, you can only eat 12 g, 15 g at max of these carbs a epoch. Then, when I say a tangerine, you are not going to choose a tangerine like this You are going to choose 100 g of this little tangerine, for example, that is near 12 g of carbs. You already know. If carbs come from results, you can only eat 25 g. Why? Because fructose is not used as energy. Fructose is going to go straight to the liver to produce fat. To make triglycerides, to stir you sick and realise you insulin resistant . .

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