We have officially failed keto! Really wish I could say E was in the lucky two-thirds who see some benefit, but? No! Hilariously/horribly, his seizures got a little worse. I don’t believe the diet food was directly responsible for that, but we don’t know why. Maybe the pressure to eat everything, or the supplements? He has a couple other possible trigger elements but until we complete the keto wean, we won’t be sure how or if they’re related.

Next stop, implant town. Want to learn about seizure implants? Yes, you do!

Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) from epilepsy.com

We have an appointment soon to discuss whether or not E is a good candidate. In the meantime I will be ceremonially destroying the Citra-K bottles, the NanoVM jar, and any and all whey protein powder. (Well maybe not that last one.) It will be a neat reversion for me and A to stay up till 11 pm watching TV instead of logging notes and making meal plans. I wish the diet had worked. But I won’t miss it.

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