Ellen Shares the Results of Her Blood Type Diet

– Delighted New Year, everybody. [APPLAUSE] You'' re the seri
–. and I ' m going to say this seri– you'' re the most effective.
target market we'' ve had all year. [PRAISE] Isn ' t'that amusing? It ' s 2019. It'' s interesting to. begin a new year.
It ' s full of opportunities. If you– seek to your. right, everybody.
Aim to your right. Currently, look to your left. One of you will certainly be organizing. the Oscars this year. [PRAISE] Congratulations. You had a good. holiday, everyone? [SUPPORTING] Yeah? Oh, good. Great. I attempted to concentrate on. what was important– eating as high as I could.
before I had to go on a diet. That'' s what I did. Every year, everyone'' s. primary resolution is to shed weight. As well as there'' s a new. diet plan yearly. They constantly seem so encouraging.
Last year, I tried something. called the blood kind diet. Have you become aware of.
the blood type diet plan? It'' s a terrific diet if you.
wish to slim down and also be tired and also angry.
at the very same time.I got a visit with.
a medical professional that concentrates on the blood kind diet. I mosted likely to his office. I obtain slipped off down.
to my underwear. I jump on the table as well as I.
begin vocal singing “” I Will certainly Make it through”” as loud as I can. And– I'' m sorry.
I ' m thinking about. my 60th birthday celebration. I ' m sorry.
That was not at the. medical professional ' s office. However Portha and also I– Portia– Portha– I call her Portha. It ' s a nickname I have.
Portha. Portia as well as I did the very same test. yet we had different results.
They both returned gay however. various other things were various. [GIGGLING] We had the gay blood. But after that the various other things– obviously there are 160. various kinds of blood, and for each and every type, there are.
foods that you can not eat. And also it'' s very details. You obtain a listing.
Like, you can'have buckwheat. however you can '
t have couscous. However another person can have. buckwheat and also you can ' t. It ' s actually, truly particular.
Like, you can'have. limes, yet you can ' t have lemons, which is my listing.
And which is actually. difficult, due to the fact that now when life hands me lemons, I'' m fat.For my blood examination, it returned.
that I can'' t have caffeine. [MOANING] So, yeah. So I have to change my blood. [GIGGLING] The popular diet this.
year is the Keto. Do you find out about the Keto diet plan? Oh, every person finds out about it. Every person'' s trying it, I'guess. It ' s individuals who intend to diet regimen. And it sounds like it'' s a DJ In. Las Vegas, so it'' s additionally cool.
But', basically, when. you ' re on the Keto diet plan, you ' re intended to get 80%.
of your calories from fat. I'' m sure you recognize this because.
you learnt about the diet regimen. And also it benefits some.
people– not everyone. You shouldn'' t do it if
you. have kidney or liver problems, or if you put on'' t desire. to sweat butter. [GIGGLING] But– instead of a. towel, you simply get toast and also you simply rub it along.
and also simply butter your bread. However if you truly.
want to reduce weight, I know a diet regimen that'' s.
ensured to work. All you have to do is.
dancing like these people in my target market did in 2014.3, 2, 1. Let go. Level up. Level up. Level up. Level up. Level up. Degree up. Degree up. Level up. Level up. Degree up. Degree up. All this on me, so tasty. All this oh so delicious. You recognize you desire this tasty,.
scrumptious all in your belly. Degree up. Level up. Degree up. Degree up. Degree up. Level up. Degree up. Degree up. Level up. Level up. Level up. All this on me so yummy. All this oh so tasty. You know you desire this delicious,.
scrumptious done in your tummy. All this oh so degree,.
on an additional degree. Raise your level.Le -le- le- le- level. Degree up. Degree up. Degree up. Level up. Level up. Degree up. Degree up. Degree up. Degree up. Degree up. All this on me so delicious. All this oh so scrumptious. You recognize you desire this tasty,.
yummy all in your belly. Oh. [PRAISE] Yes.

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