Editor’s Picks: From THC Gummies to Bamboo Underwear

From men’s boxers made of bamboo to masculine snacks and THC-infused gummies, we review some products for fall.

Chill Boys bamboo pullover


Chill Boys: Underwear and Hoodies

When you get an offer to sample some underwear, boxers, or pullovers, it’s awkward, yes, but also appealing. I mean, who doesn’t love new undies? The story behind this Minnesota-based company is that a group of guys was looking to improve on boxers and boxer briefs and chose eco-friendly bamboo for the fabric. Our versions were both sized medium (for my son) and large (for my husband). I stole my son’s sample while he’s away at college to sleep in and found the boxer briefs luxuriously plush. The bamboo base is what makes these breatheable briefs a step above the others out there, including another Midwestern company known for its underwear, Duluth Trading Company. My husband reports he’s completely happy with them and the stretchy but shape-holding hoodie as well. It’s difficult to stand out in the bamboo/sustainable apparel industry, but Chill Boys has a leg up on the competition. Boxers, $21.99; hoodie, $78; chillboys.com

Damn, Man snack box


Damn, Man: Nuts and Exotic Meats Box

Sticking with male-focused products, you can’t go wrong with Damn, Man as a company name if you are trying to appeal to the woke bro crowd. So, here we are. The pitch cracked me up with references to cavemen and rugged appetites: “[This package] features a collection of exotic meats handpicked to cater to that primal hunter-gatherer instinct that echoes in the background from the evolution of early man. Included is a wild boar summer sausage that fuses the traditional sweet and tangy taste of summer sausage which the succulent, rich, and nutty taste of well-ironed wild boar for a unique gustatory experience.” There’s also a pork-and-antelope meat stick, a pork-and-alligator blend stick, and two 4-ounce bags of smoked nuts. We sampled these a few weeks ago in the heart of my husband’s Keto diet, and they are tasty and filling. $49.99 snack box; dmsnacks.com

Sugar Plum: Nostalgic Chocolate Bars

I have a major sweet tooth and treat myself to chocolate bars now and then. But…

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