it’s gonna be a busy month the sons they’re backin clas they went athletics going on baseball and soccer my husband’s coaching so i’m not gonnahave a lot of time to cook dinner at night that’s why i’m gonna prep up my freezer nowstock it full with some keto freezer dinners so my intention today is to share withyou guys my favorite keto freezer banquets that will provide fairly keto dinners to lastpretty much the part month these dinners contain a wide variety of proteins we’re going to beusing rotisserie chicken where you could use tread your own chicken if you miss ground beef andpork tenderloin and they’re some of my favorite ones there’s like dump and go there’s some thatyou pre-make up ahead of time and then you freeze so it’s just a broader range that you guys can pickand be selected but could really make this entire selection of freezer snacks and it is desirable to lastyou the part month but if you want to make all of these recipes you’re going to need threerotisserie chickens 10 pounds of ground beef and two pork tenderloins i’m also going togo over the macros for each of these recipes as well as any dinner prep tips that i have just been so let’sget started on our first recipe which is keto cooked spaghetti “i m loving” this cooked spaghetti recipeit’s so easy to make and so flavorful very this recipe starts by browning your ground beef intoa skillet i’m employing two pounds of ground beef add in some flavors like italian seasoninggarlic pulverization you can use fresh garlic if you want to you can add in onions more if you wantonce your ground beef is cooked i’m lending in one jar of a low-carb marinara sauce i’llhave some of my favourites listed down below you want to let it simmer for a little bit exactly to allow that sauce to develop its flavorand meanwhile let’s work on our noodles now the pates for this roasted spaghetti recipei’m going to be using some minds of palm noodles you could use other low-carb pates tooif you required except i think there’s some that you can buy that are packaged they do havegluten in them i’ll have them scheduled down below i would probably stay away from zucchini noodlesi’m not quite sure how well that would work how it freeze but the hearts of palm noodles worksbut we’re not just going to heave our noodles into a casserole food we’re actually going todo something different to them to add a little bit more flavor and to give us a little bit morefat macro i’m gonna mix in two eggs and one third cup of parmesan cheese together with a quarter beaker ofmelted butter you wanna mix these into our pates and then you situated them onto thebottom of your casserole saucer for this recipe i’m exerting two smaller saucers theseare more like an 8 by 12 or 8 by 11 length of a dish spread the pates down first and then you’regonna layer on your meaty red sauce on top and then do a final sprinkling of around acup of shredded mozzarella cheese now this will perform two casserole saucers so really merely laydown half the noodles on one half the noodles on the other and reproduce with half of the sauce andhalf of the mozzarella cheese if you were baking this right away you roast it in a 350 degreeoven it’ll take around 25 -3 0 minutes to cook if you want to freeze it time wrap it insome foil and freeze it to cook for later and each casserole i figuregives around eight helps so one providing is 252 calories 18.5 grams of fat1 6.1 grams of protein 4.2 total carbs and 2.8 net carbs you are eligible to provide this alongside of a greensalad and or another keto approved vegetable another recipe exploiting ground beef ismy keto lasagna recipe i get so many commendations on this recipe people adoration itit’s easy to make and you can freeze it i’ve done several videos on this recipebefore and i have a main one that i’ll have up here if you guys want to check it out i’llalso have it down below in the description box but you could double this recipe and it wouldprobably give you around four dinners out of it if you do that the cool thing about my ketolasagna is that it doesn’t involve any sort of zucchini or lettuce noodle this one you could usehearts of palm pates if you required but you don’t have to make like solid thought dough pates whichare a pain to make it’s super simple just take some deli sliced chicken or turkey and use that asyour noodle and it genuinely works well because the texture is very similar and the taste it doesn’ttaste strange at all it’s perfect and the macros are really good so like one lasagna casserole isprobably going to have around eight performs in it so that will be per serving it will be 379 calories 25 grams of overweight 34.1 grams of protein 4.7 total carbs and 4.2 net carbs after you makeup your lasagna you accumulate it in a casserole food fold it with some foil and then pop it in thefreezer you can bake it from frozen in a 400 grade oven it’s generally if it’s not frozen ittakes around 15 minutes to cook cooking it from frozen is plainly going to take longer takesaround like 30 45 minutes to broil from frozen a cool keto snack prep theme just arrivedfor you guys let’s go check it out i am so excited to try light-green chef if you guyshaven’t heard of green chef before it is a usda organic company that attains eating well supereasy and affordable to fit every single lifestyle these are chef started recipes that give youstep-by-step instructions they’re easy are planning to and they’re luscious all these ingredientscome pre-portioned pre-packed pre-measured and it’s delivered right to your opening greenchef offerings nine recipes to choose from each week within each snack hope so with greenchef it’s easy to eat well and acquire recipes that you’ll love to cook every week go to dark-green chefdot us 90 keto focus and use code 90 keto focus to get 90 off including free send on yourfirst carton let green chef do the snack contriving the grocery patronizing and all the prepping for youeach week this is such a game changer for me i’m super elicited once again if you guys want to trythis go to light-green cook fleck us trounce 90 keto focus and use the code 90 keto focus to get 90 off andfree send on your first carton my next favorite keto freezer meal recipe is meatloaf and i have acouple of different meatloaf recipes on my website but the one that like my boys perfectly loveevery single time is the barbecue cheeseburger meatloaf and i’ve pictured you guys how to make thismeatloaf before on my canal simply clink up here if you so wishes the full recipe to seeing how to doit but this is such a great meal prep recipe it’s one of those that you could prep in the morningtoo don’t broil it and only keep the meatloaf molded in your refrigerator and then bake it whenyou get home from operate but you can freeze these too so you time set it in this loaf pan coverit with foil and freeze it i figured that you could doubled this recipe and get four dinners outof it when i make this meatloaf um i often it will last us two snacks and you know that’s mewith like my husband and i and two tiny sons but yeah we can usually get two snacks outof it and the macros on this if you got like six slivers which my boys don’t reallyeat a full slice of it exactly because it is super filling and i usually suffice otherthings with it like salads or vegetables um but if you got like six wedges out of this eachslice will be 675 calories read super super filling 52.3 grams of fat 49.2 grams of protein thetotal carbs is 4 grams and the net carbs is 3. 5 i would suggest doubling this recipe if youwant to draw sufficient to last-place the entire month another recipe that i have that uses ground beefis my keto sloppy joe’s recipe i’ve also done a video on this i click up here if you guys wantto watch that one i love these slapdash joes time because you can originate them up in the skillet andthen place them in a ziploc suitcase and sounds them in the freezer to have for last-minute or you can save someand have it for that night for your rules you can either use my keto roll recipe i’ll have thatlinked down below i also have a keto hamburger bun recipe that you could use for your keto sloppyjoes too both my rolling recipe and my keto hamburger bun recipes are actually freezer-able too soyou can freeze the dough before it’s roasted or you can freeze it when you are bake your rollsor hamburger buns pop them in the freezer and then to thaw them i often just leave themout at area temperature until they’re defrosted or pop in the microwave on a defrost functionand it will thaw them out that road very if you just wanted to build ketosloppy joes as a freezer meali would probably double this recipe and it will give you two meals out of it for a family of fourso i figure one batch of haphazard joes just as my recipes written on the link that i’ll have downin the description box it’s probably going to get you four functions so each providing will have 380 calories 29.6 grams of fatty 20.6 grams of protein 6.4 grams of total carb and 4.7 net carbs so thatcompletes our recipes exploiting ground beef now let’s start something exerting that pork tenderloin thisis actually a dump and proceed recipe we’re gonna be making an asian marinated pork tenderlointhis recipe i like to actually make up in the sluggish cooker and that’s why it’s a dump and gowe’re going to be dumping all of our ingredients in a freezer handbag then freeze it and when you wantto cook it just open up that bag and sounds it in your gradual cooker i recommend doubling this recipeif you want to fill up your freezer for the month but mostly to our ziploc handbag we’re going to beadding in one pork tenderloin together with a third cup of liquid aminos a one-fourth goblet of olive oil aquarter cup of golden friar outcome two tablespoons of worcestershire sauce two tablespoons ofsesame petroleum two tablespoons of lemon juice a tablespoon of baked mustard a teaspoon of mincedgarlic one and a half teaspoons of black pepper and one and a half teaspoons of red pepper flakeszip up your pocket and then pop it in the freezer and if you guys are interested in these niftyfreezer bag incumbents i’ll have it rolled down below in the description box for you on where i got themso the macros for the pork tenderloin if each pork tenderloin makes around six serves it wouldbe 287 calories per serving 16.9 grams of solid 32.4 grams of protein 2.7 total carbs and 2.6 net carbs i often like to serve this over riced cauliflower but you could use anothervegetable too if you missed which is habit by itself up next let’s determine something with thatrotisserie chicken that i told you guys to buy we’re actually going to be making a curry saucethis is a thai curry sauce it’s a little bit higher on the carb side but it is so delicious andsalsas are a great thing to meal prep and most of them you can put in the freezer so if you justwant to like make dinner prep super simple even out a knot of sauces and freeze them and then youcan take it out and merely add a ton of flavor to your dishes really mixing up the proteins maybesome of the veggies that you go inside of it to start we’re going to add one can of unsweetenedcoconut milk to a saucepan you want to cook this evaporate it up and continue to reduce it until it’sa thicker consistency it’ll probably make you around five to seven instants at this phase we’regoing to add in some red curry adhesive you could use light-green curry paste extremely if you wanted you’ll needaround two to three tablespoons of curry paste conjure that until it’s mixed and then we’re gonnaadd in another can of unsweetened coconut milk again introducing it to a cook and telling it cookdown cook it for another eight to ten minutes it precisely needs to be a real thick sauce likeconsistency at this extent i’m going to add in my veggies which is one cup of diced zucchiniand a half of a red buzzer spice that i’ve cut into like julienned matchstick slice you can omit thevegetables if you don’t want to add them in you could also add in your chicken at this point tooi’m actually just gonna freeze this sauce without adding in the chicken but this is a great wayto use rotisserie chicken for a immediate snack time shred off some chicken from your rotisserie andadd it to your curry and then you can freeze it i like to exceed this over cauliflower rice you coulduse zoodles if wishes to or pates if you had the hearts of palm noodles left over you coulduse that i figured this sauce makes around it’s probably around four to six suffices so if youare making this for freezer meals i would probably double the recipe if you wanted but for oneserving it’s 218 calories 20.1 grams of overweight 1.8 grams of protein total carbs is 6. 2 and net carbsis a 5.2 once again when you go to freeze it merely leant it in a ziploc baggie accumulation it flat in yourfreezer should maintain for like one to three months another recipe you can make out of rotisseriechicken is just a dump and depart chicken pate soup recipe so i’m going to add in some of thecooked pre-shredded chicken i’m also going to add in some onion celery a little of carrots intoa freezer safe pouch pour in some chicken broth you can add in your spice extremely if you require the onlything i’m not going to add is actually my pates now if you were spawning more of a chicken ricesoup you were able to supplement in some cauliflower rice at this detail put in the freezer purse freeze it untilyou want to use it then dump it out into your saucepan and concoct it for dinner that night now forthe pates i do have a recipe for keto chicken pate soup on my website i’ll have it linkeddown below we do obligate some homemade egg pates that are really easy to determine so you couldwhip those up while your soup is cooking on the stovetop it won’t take you longer and longer tocook these noodles probably around 15 hours i would probably double this recipe if i’m makingenough food to replenish my freezer for the month the recipe on my website makes aroundfour helps so with each providing it is 282 calories 11.3 grams of fat 22.5 grams ofprotein 6.8 grams of total carbs and 3.2 net carbs the last freezer keto meal that we’re gonna makeusing the rotisserie chicken is my creamy tuscan chicken casserole this is one recipe i recommendjust cooking up in its entirety to a finished dish and then freezing it freezes well the full recipeon my website does involve cooking chicken from raw but we’re using a rotisserie chicken insteadjust to save on time so you’re going to need around a pair beakers of shredded chicken to makethis recipe in a skillet we’re gonna contribute some onion a little bit of garlic concoct that up untilthe onion is softened and then compute in your chicken i’m also gonna included in some salt and thensome lemon seasonings for some flavoring next we budge in some chicken brothheavy cream and grated parmesan cheese and then we’re going to add in some sun-driedtomatoes this is optional you really don’t have to use it if you don’t want to since sunlight driedtomatoes do have carbs and sometimes they’re harder to find in depending on your grocery storebut they do add a lot of flavor to this dish i likewise supplemented in spinach foliages intothe recipe that’s on my website i’m actually not going to see do thatsince i’m going to be freezing it i’m just going to add cauliflower rice and thenadd in my spinach buds right before i cook it this recipe if you make it as it is on my websiteit makes around four performs each performing has a 312 calories 21.8 grams of fatty 21.2 gramsof protein 7.3 total carbs and 6.1 net carbs that accomplishes all of our freezer keto mealsthese are all of my favs that are super easy to prop up ahead of time to originate dinner prepeasy if you want to do this all in one day and have around a month’s worth of mealsfor you ready to go when you need it once again thank you green cook forsponsoring this video make sure you check them out i’ll have again that promo codein the bottom in the description box for you

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