you guys know that i’m all aboutsimple easy keto dinners well today i have a really cool video for you we’regonna be uttering some recipes that are perfect for this time of year when the weather’sgetting warmer it’s spring and summer and you require something quick and easy andyou want to set it in one pot or in this case one pan today i’m going to show you someamazing keto expanse go dinner recipes i’m down here at the bottom of my oven i like tokeep my membrane goes in my warming drawer because well don’t we all so i’m gonna give one of thosewhiskey’s down here too with me so this is what we’re working to constitute our dinner on this is a sheetpan i’m sorry if pit isn’t the cleanest examining but i’m sure that most of your people look likethis too and it’s surprising you would think that this thing is humongous that there’s no way you’regonna has already been this additional area like you don’t like this thing completes up fast by by the time you put onyour protein and your veggies it crowds up fast uh but you could use a half expanse go if youwanted to use that for these recipes if you’re just cooking for yourself or one other personof course i’m going to go over all of the macros for you guys on each of these recipes plus i’mgoing to give you guys some keto dinner prep tips-off but before we get started with our first recipei actually want to thank our sponsor first colors sellers is a monthly wine membership program thathas sponsored this video it’s so great because they actually pair wine-coloreds that they think thatyou’re going to desire simply located off of a penchant palette quiz that you take and i’m stunned athow well they did when pairing wines for myself i am a person that adores like a full massed redwine and they did such a good job picking out wine-coloureds that i was only absolutely buy and i tried allsix of them and “i m loving” them each one is amazing and they come with these placards that kind of tellyou about the wine-coloured it tells you what indicates to pick out from them like what fruity notes nutty notesspicy indicates things like that um it also tells you what it pairs best with too so different typesof food but also different types of parties like this one it says it’s great for social mediascrolling which i tried this one and it really is good for social media moving i could justsee myself sipping on this all night long and scrolling social media i wouldn’t do that thoughi confine myself to one glass sometimes two but there’s other ones that say that they’re greatfor like pedigree throngs or weekend dinner parties and i would agree i would love to sharethese wines with other beings so unquestionably check them out i’ll have all their message listeddown below in the description box for you but i wanted to give them a shout out first becausei want to pair each of these membrane pound dinner recipes that we’re going to make along with one oftheir wine-coloureds bright cellars is giving our admirers 50 off their first six bottle casket followthe link to take the quiz and get started the first expanse go recipe thatwe’re gonna fix is a ribbed chicken this is gonna be in a buttery garlicsauce along with some ribbed veggies we’re going to start by making ourbuttery marinade for the chicken i’m going to be using mayo precisely because ilove if you’ve ever had mayo with chicken before it’s so good it only realise it super juicythis is one quarter cup of avocado mayonnaise you’ll too need a part cupof melted butter and then mix in three cleaves of minced garlic two tablespoons ofminced parsley two teaspoons of salt a teaspoon of seasoning and a half a teaspoon of onion gunpowder youwant to stir this together until it’s all mixed up and then let’s move on to cutting some of ourvegetables now the cool thing about constituting expanse go dinners is that really you could just usewhatever vegetables that you have it’s a great way to use up like leftover veggies that you havein your fridge or propel some that exist in the freezer you could scatter those on top of yoursheet go the ones that i used for my sheet go dinner was sprouts and turnip turnip acts likea roasted potato it’s super good you could use another radish more if you wanted to use like adaikon radish or purple radish those will work as well in this recipe and i’m too going to beusing some broccoli on my sheet pan i’ve rowed it with foil because i want easy cleanup that’sthe one thing that i love about expanse wash recipes is that you come home from undertaking shy some stuffon your membrane pan papa it in the oven and then you can do whatever you want for like a half hour 40 times perhaps undo watch some tv play with the dog play with the girls do some housework havea glass of wine-coloured and then when it’s done cooking then dinner’s ready everything’s all done fromyour veggies to your protein everybody snacks and then cleanup is a breeze because hopefullyyou cooked it on some foil you scrunch up that foil and you toss it in the junk and clean up isdone so onto our rimmed foil lime pan i’m going to lay down some chicken legs now this recipe if youdon’t have chicken legs you can use chicken thighs chicken tenders chicken breast whatever typeof chicken you want to use you can do it for this recipe so i lay down those first and then i’mgoing to put down my cut up vegetables so i have some mushrooms that i’ve quartered those turnipsthat i diced and then some broccoli florets now comes the proportion we sauced this i’m just goingto brush over my sauce all over really paying attention to the chicken i’m going to positioned thaton there but i’m likewise going to see kept some on the veggies as well make sure you get both sides ofyour chicken if you wanted to you could actually marinate your chicken in this sauce like eitherovernight or in the morning when you’re going to work that likewise succeeds computes a little bit more flavorto it you were able to even lend a little bit more salt to your chicken um merely because there isn’tthere’s two teaspoons but if you’re afraid that it’s not going to be as salty as you’d likeyou could include a little bit more and then we’re going to bake this in the oven this goes in a4 00 stage oven and it’s going to take around 50 hours to cook maybe an hour only kind ofdepends on what kind of chicken you’re cooking now this dinner i working together with the humdrumwine this is a full form red wine it’s a cabernet sauvignon and it says it was goodfor friday nights in and that’s what we’re doing for this recipe this is more of a quickdinner a friday night dinner for everybody and this is what i’m gonna drink with it up next we’re going to be making a keto chickenteriyaki with some veggies on our expanse wash i’m gonna be using chicken tenders for thisrecipe but you can use chicken thighs if you miss well recommend the thighs over the tendersjust because chicken thigh meat tends to have a little bit more fat content in it compared toa chicken breast or white meat like tenders but that was all i had on hand with chicken tendersso that’s why i’m working it now i’m gonna start by making up my teriyaki sauce first this is aketo teriyaki sauce it’s super simple to form you want to add a three one-fourth beakers of soysauce to a container i’m exploiting gluten-free soy sauce you don’t have to use soy sauce if you don’t wantbecause yes soy sauce does have carbs so if you’re trying to go as low as carb as possible you canjust use liquid aminos if you wanted you also want to add in two tablespoons of gilded sweetener i’musing a gilded monk outcome sweetener but you could use whatever golden sweetener is out there i haveone clove of minced garlic together with a half a teaspoon of grated ginger you could substitutewith powdered ginger here too then you’ll likewise need two tablespoons of avocado lubricant a tablespoonof apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of tomato paste i like to add the tomato paste because ithink it only computes a little bit of additional flavor fish sauce jobs as a substitute extremely if youdon’t have tomato paste on hand and then as a thickener because i want to thicken up thissauce as it concocts i’m going to be adding in a half of a teaspoon of breath beginning gunpowder i like usingarrowroot pulverize as my thickener because it has seven terms the ability to thicken compared toregular flour it’s gluten free it use better than xanthan gum because xanthan gum can makeyour dish a little slimy if you add it as a thickener this one doesn’t make it slimy at allso you just have to add a little tiny amount we’re going to wipe this together and then i’mgoing to made this in a ziploc luggage with my chicken tenders and i’m going to rain the sauce in thereand let my chicken tenders marinade for a little bit you don’t have to marinate them at all ifyou want to add the sauce just straight away onto your expanse wash kept it in the oven you were able to ithink marinating it just really helps that chicken soak up some of that teriyaki flavor so that’swhy i like to marinate it it’s best if you do this first thing in the morning and then when you gethome from operate organize everything out on your membrane pan and bake it for the veggies i’m going tobe using some cut up orange bell pepper you could use whatever color bell pepper you require as wellas some broccoli and then some more mushrooms another vegetable notion that you could use wouldbe like asparagus would be good or light-green nuts red onion those would also be perfect in this recipeyou want to move all of your sauce on top of your chicken and vegetables don’t worry about likethe raw chicken thing in the sauce because it’s all going to get baked everything is going to getkilled you don’t have to worry about all kinds of food-borne pathogen now we’re going to roast thisin a 375 position oven for around 17 to 20 minutes i like to serve my keto chickenteriyaki over cauliflower rice you could also lay down a bed ofgreen lettuce and leant it on top of that and have a chicken teriyakisalad well luscious as well now this dinner i am pairing with the cactuspark it’s a red merger wine and it says that it has notes of cherry and it thoroughly does i totallysmell the cherry-red and i think it’s like blackberry extremely yeah it’s really good and it certainly pairs wellwith this i chose this one because the card said that it’s great for grilled vegetable skewersso these aren’t really grilled vegetable skewers but it’s something that would be in a grilledvegetable skewer so that’s why i chose this wine and i think it’s excellent with it our nextketo expanse pan dinner that’s perfect for outpouring or summer is the right one that well from my mama actuallyshe got it from a costco magazine so i kind of made it and realise it more keto affectionate and justchanged up a few little things but really the insight came from a costco magazine this isgoing to be a bacon and brussels sheet pan dinner now i should preface because this dinner isn’tjust various kinds of like a fling it in the sheet wash and you’re done sort of thing it’s a throat in thesheet pan concoct it for 10 times supplement some more things cook it a little bit longer sort of mealbut it’s so worth it this is so yummy this works as like a slope salad very if you wanted tohave like a feature of some roasted vegetables along with something else but you could just have it asa meal as well because it does have protein from the bacon and lots of veggies and overweight from thesauce i’m going to be using one carry of bacon so this is about 12 slivers of bacon i’m gonna cookit in the air fryer first you want to use cooked bacon so whatever mode you want to cook your baconis fine i love the airfryer because it’s easy cleanup is simple but you could do it in the ovenor skillet very if you if that’s easier for you so cook your bacon basically while our bacon iscooking we’re going to move on to performing the sauce for this dish for the sauce i’m going toadd in a one-quarter cup of balsamic vinegar now balsamic vinegar does have carbohydrates in it tryand were identified that has the lowest amount of carbs if you don’t want to use balsamic vinegaryou could try a different kind of vinegar like the original recipe asked for champagnevinegar which i didn’t have i love the spice of balsamic vinegar in this dish you could tryapple cider vinegar if you required maybe even a red wine vinegar would be good here you’ll alsoneed a part bowl of olive oil two tablespoons of dijon mustard a teaspoon of salt a half a teaspoonof pepper and then for a little bit of sweetness i’m going to add in a teaspoon of sugar-free maplesyrup you want to whisk this together and adjusted it aside you demand the flavors exactly to kind of meldtogether as we work on the rest of the recipe once your bacon is cooked you want to set it asideto cool and then you’re going to crumble it up now save that leftover broiling grease because we’regoing to use that to coat our brussels sprouts so toss your halved brussels sprouts into some bacongrease and then lay that down onto your sheet go and we’re going to roast this at 400 measures for1 0 minutes next we’re going to go that out of the oven and i’m going to add to those roastedbrussels sprouts some chopped up asparagus and some frozen green nuts spread that out ontoyour membrane pan papa it back into the oven and cook it for another 10 minutes now that allof your veggies are roasted we’re gonna assemble this so we’re also gonna include inour deteriorated bacon a third beaker of walnuts and then simply drizzle that sauceall over and give it a good toss now another option is that you guys could addsome cooked chicken to this like if you had a rotisserie chicken precisely shred some up and set itin this dish as well be so good with that sauce for this bacon and brussels sheet pan dinner i’mgoing to be pairing it with the silverscape wine-coloured this one it’s a full mas red wine it says it isgreat for clas congregates and i like to serve this dish um as like a feature recipe like i said it’sgreat for like a springtime and summertime potluck and this wine would pair excellent with it for ournext keto expanse go dinner recipe we’re gonna be constructing up some ribbed prawn and i thoughtwe would deal it with a cilantro lime sauce let’s start by making up our sauce you’regonna need a one-fourth bowl of lime juice three tablespoons of avocado lubricant a teaspoon ofground cumin a teaspoon of lime zest and then you too need a teaspoon and a half of gratedginger along with one clove of minced garlic and then for a little bit of heat i like to addin a tinge of red pepper you could omit this pace if you don’t want it spicy wipe that togetherand then we’re going to lay out our membrane wash so i have about a pound and a half of prawn onhere and then for our veggies we’re going to be using buzzer spice cherry tomato and asparagusand that cherry-red tomato i’m likewise going to add in a few cleaves of whole garlic in there i’m going tojust separate these out simply because sometimes the shrimp can cook a little bit longer and dependingon the type of meal that you’re going for if you want to have those tomatoes abound after you removethe shrimp you are eligible to leant the tomatoes back in there and roast them a little bit longer we’re gonna becovering our prawn and our vegetables with this cilantro lime sauce i intend i know there’s nocilantro in it yet we’re gonna include it at the end but time pour that over and makesure everything gets evenly coated i’m going to salt the prawn a little only toadd a little bit of flavor to that it’s going to go in a 400 position oven to cook once it’s doneyou can just mix everything together and perform it just like this i actually like to serve mineover some loot some kale and green foliage clam a little of radish in there too andthen i like to make up some more of that lime vinaigrette garmenting and then pour thaton top don’t forget the cilantro that’s the finishing touch to this dish and now the wine-coloured thatwe’re going to pair this with this one is called aqua forte it is a medium massed wine-colored and itsays it’s great for social media moving so this is like a total dinner that you couldjust have on your own if you crave something lighter and healthy and you want to scroll somesocial media this is gonna be your recipe there you have it those are our four easy ketosheep hand in our recipes that are perfect for the warmer weather make sure you guys commentdown below if there’s another recipe that you think would be great for this time ofyear just so that we could all benefit from that

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