Drew Barrymore’s Unique Way of Eating Pizza Has Social Media Divided

Drew Barrymore posted a video on TikTok last week with a pizza-related life hack that has her followers in an uproar. The actress showed how she sometimes gets the satisfaction of eating pizza toppings without eating the bread beneath them. She demonstrated her method which she called “a pizza salad.”

Barrymore was leaning over a typical-looking takeout pizza box and in the video, where she wore a t-shirt and seemed to be enjoying a casual night in. She explained her reasoning as she prepared a paper plate with some salad from the pizza shop on it. She then picked up a slice of pizza and a fork, scraping the cheese, sauce and toppings onto the salad and discarding the bread. After a splash of dressing, Barrymore mixed up her concoction and dug in.


Wait for it…🍕🥗

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Barrymore made no mention of weight loss or calorie-counting in the video. Instead, she suggested that this could be a useful tip for people who are gluten intolerant, or who are avoiding wheat for some other reason. Still, many commenters presumed this was a tip to manipulate body composition, and they had some hot takes.

“Drew, I’m filing a lawsuit on behalf of pizza,” wrote comedian Mike Birbiglia. Another commenter joked that Barrymore should go “straight to prison” for this video, but some felt that the actress was “onto something.”

Barrymore’s video has now escaped the realm of TikTok and is making waves elsewhere on social media. Here’s a look at how the viral response has played out.


I saw a headline for a Buzzfeed article about people’s feelings over how Drew Barrymore eats pizza. I didn’t think I’d care because it sounds like a very stupid thing to care about. I read the article and it turns out that I care quite deeply about how Drew Barrymore eats pizza.

— Gordon Gartrelle (@realUglyShirt) September 29, 2022

Seeing the headlines, many fans assumed they were about to read an article about Barrymore folding her pizza, or eating it with a knife and fork. When they saw her real method, they were aghast.



Not gonna lie, Drew Barrymore’s pizza salad monstrosity looks kinda good.

— Marcus Nyce…

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