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We both took a trip in from New York. So we haven'' t remained in the UK for long so I believe we'' re feeling the results of travel a little bit Ideally we'' re not also rustic as we start obtaining a grilling from the Dragons However will the set be going back to the Big Apple with greater than simply a healthy and balanced airmiles account? Hi dragons, my name is Nathan Evans and also this is Patrick M Braun as well as our business is called brand on your own. We'' re seeking a 100,000 pound financial investment for a 1 percent equity stake in our business Dragons meet Steve Steve is an Oxbridge graduate with a first-rate degree Basically, Steve is a companies dream Yet when employers look Steve up online, they wear'' t locate specialist Steve They discover gap year Steve where one moment has ruined lots of job possibilities for him Currently Steve discovered the tough method how you look online today? Directly impacts your career extra as well as more employers are analyzing everything concerning you before choosing That indicates a single negative on-line search results page or single unsuitable social media sites post or photo can ruin your occupation That'' s why we created brand on your own the most detailed platform that aids individuals tidy up shield as well as enhance exactly how they look on the internet initial our technology scours an internet and identifies threat aspects that might injure your on-line credibility and also then strolls you through the process of searching for and removing unsuitable pictures Now while your first record is complimentary customers update to a 70-pound yearly membership to get full accessibility to all of our functions In 2014, our revenue was over 4 million as well as this year were on pace to do over 5 Dragons, many thanks for your time.We ' d love to take your questions Tidying up online is the idea Patrick and also energy and Nathan Evans wishing to clean up with in the den They'' re offering simply one percent of their organization in return for a hundred thousand extra pounds Taz Levani is first to quiz the account brightening pair Nathan Patrick hi It'' s a distinct concept However I myself could go and screen myself on Facebook as well as erase all the photos that I think can be offensive or avoid me from Getting a work and save myself 70 pounds. Yes, but the ordinary individual has thousands and countless message as well as Thousands as well as hundreds of pictures. They put on'' t know what they all are. I went through it myself by hand it took 18 hrs But it'' s not simply the moment it conserves you On the internet screening has simply come to be a lot a lot more pervasive Whether you'' re putting on college or obtaining a task or looking for an immigration visa You'' re going to obtain screened and also these screens are way even more than simply a search.They undergo whatever So what it does is advise you any negative points on Google. Is that what it does? So allow ' s claim You have an unfavorable search'outcome and it ' s not something you can remove since it ' s not your very own Facebook And also it'' s another person trashing you it shows up in Google. As an example, I think at the very least in the u.s We'' ve taken care of even more victims of retribution porn than any various other company Sometimes those points to be directly removed various other times You can need to kind of lessen the damage of this by bordering it as well as hiding it with even more positive points currently We can do that for you Guys isn'' t the end result of all this cleaning The really everything is so tidy. They can'' t really see the real individual and also you'' re not branding yourself.You ' ve simply ended up being boring on your own Yeah, what if it just came off social media to obtain completely. I ' ll just remove Facebook Twitter Instagram No impact on social networks. So there ' s something which is not having anything adverse however increasingly more employers are seeking positive things that enhance their choice online so not having any kind of social media sites accounts that provide any Indicator is a little a red flag to companies at the moment The online entrepreneurs approving why their solution is a necessity not a luxury Touka Suleiman currently wishes to focus on the money the geeky twosome are generating It appears like you ' ve got a service You ' ve transformed over 4 million F is 4.4 million in 2015 and what was the'gross revenue it was 2 million internet profit is a loss of 450,000 which ' s since you constantly gotten on technology correct.It ' s a blessing. It ' s a shoe. You ' ll do 5 this year. We ' ll do 5.2 million and Degree or
you still lose money. We'' ll Anticipating to lose cash once again this year hilarious a best very same as in 2014 by 450. Yes Ok, so it ' s really evident that you ' re losing money and money doesn ' t come from thin air Right now you ' re trying to elevate 1 percent Which wager is a firm at 10 million? Yes This is a part of a larger raise that that we ' re assembling this year of concerning 3 million pounds, right? Yet you ' ve done your research about me. Sanctuary ' t you I have I Know you don ' t leave there for 1 percent. Yeah, so I ' m presuming if I wish to invest you ' ll suit We ' re below we ' re below to make a deal. Yeah. Ok, that ' s excellent Tuukka suleiman checks the water as well as uncovers the duo ' s terms appear to be negotiable But Deborah Medan intends to develop why both have traveled across the pond to look for financial investment in the first area I ' m interested.So there ' s a matching of Dragon ' s Den in the US Why didn ' t you go to them cool shots storage tank'over there, isn ' t it? We did show up on Shark Container and we got a two million dollar deal However we simply couldn ' t bargain so I walked away from the deal gosh Okay, but I need to claim the risk of sitting in this chair is that you put on ' t do the very same thing again You recognize in retrospection I didn ' t understand that there was added value and also having a shark then there was the cash We require to make certain'we ' ve learned from that mistake I put on ' t want to be viewed as somebody who goes on a program like this and also does the same point So what we desire to do is act significantly different this time around Great Can I just take us back to the investment, just how much do you men own to the firm? Yeah, so I Think twice to place the precise portions of everybody, you know available on on television Why why would certainly it you can simply look and locate that out? It ' s not totally public employees as well as things like if I ' m investing in you, I ask yourself that Yeah, you you will recognize this prior to you make an investment precisely So I ' m I ' m now presently before I make an investment.So I need to know what you people'own'the company Me and also my founders Oh mister just choosing you the owner 10% and Nathan what do you recognize? It ' s much less than 2% as well as have you interacted to all shareholders? That you ' re right here, yes, as well as we have the permission that we can discuss to certain kinds of things. Okay. I ' ve got it Peter Jones'pushes the entrepreneurs to reveal their share structure which they ' ve got the environment-friendly light to cut a dragon friendly bargain and it shows up Jenny Campbell is warming to the cyberspace sprucing concept a Whole lot of people need to tidy up their act online.It ' s like moving up the dirt off the carpeting, truly It ' s isn ' t it type of that degree it is a valuable device Where it doesn ' t help me as I wear ' t like remain in a small fish in a significant fish pond I like to make a distinction as well as I just feel that with this small small bit of Equity that that ' s not for me So I wish you all the finest and also I ' m out The 1 %share offering has no appeal for Jenny Campbell and'she finishes her passion Touka Suleiman now wished to discuss the set ' s prepare for relocation Hi men, just how huge enough if you desire? Extremely very easy to please what happens if I said to you I ' ll provide you a thousand square feet free of fee for year in the West End of London If you give me 10 percent of service I Don ' t believe it it ' s not gon na give you temps might be People I ' m gon na make you a deal I ' ll give you all the money They ' ll want 4% Thank you many thanks to Casilla man tables are quote and also throws some rent totally free realty into the mix Does serial capitalist Deborah Medan think the on-line airbrushing concept as potential I Believe it ' s great.It ' s bang on You individuals are smart, you understand you ' re on it and when a service enters the den, there ' s absolutely
ahead of the contour. I ' m interested So I am mosting likely to make your mom As well as I ' m gon na supply you every one of the'money as well as I want 3% of business'. Okay. Thank you. Thank you Guys You ' ve been really clear which is really good. And also I assume the bellman that you ' ve got going on is really intriguing as well So I- I ' m gon na make you a deal One hundred thousand extra pounds every one of the money for three percent Cage Levani and also Deborah Medan make identical offers as well as join the party Where the hat-trick of bargains already on the table? It ' s currently just tech tycoon Peter Jones who remains Will he want to include the online company to his profile'? I I Truly like it and also it is a worry as a father as well with children that a person photograph that a person aggravating point Their habits has affected potentially their job which ' s a shame.Actually, I assume what you ' ve done is is actually good. Thanks. Thanks and also you ' ve gone Shark Tank You ' re in the real show currently. Yeah, this is where it started These are the people that do the offers tell you yeah, so you'did the best point coming'to the UK I ' m in fact gon na make you a deal As well as I ' m gon na use you all of the cash For two as well as a half percent of the equity Thanks, thanks very'a lot Don ' t consider it. Yeah. Do you mind thank you. Thanks individuals. Thanks The business owners have 4 proposals to think about Touka Suleiman is supplying cost-free flooring area, yet as soon as 4 percent of the business do you assume? Oh shit Debora Medan antes Levani both won 3% to her pants and also Peter Jones has honed his claws and also undercut them all with his transformed a half percent need They regretted their decision to turn down a deal stateside are They currently prepared to approve any of the offers on the UK table So to start with thanks significantly for hearing us out as well as thank you for the deals Petey offered us the most charitable offer.So I ' d like to place a counter ahead to on your own Would certainly you be prepared? to Supply us with the 100,000 yet for 2% of business Is that deal available to various other dragons or is it simply to Peter At this stage its it ' s an open deal If it was open to various other dragons I wouldn ' t accept it. Okay, so I ' m gon na ask you what would you like to do? If you approved the deal I believe we ' d be ready to accept that appropriate definitely Okay, I Would approve 2 percent however one of the most crucial thing for me gets on the following fundraise I ' m not weakening I ' m prepared to accept that deal.Yeah Thanks significantly thanks wonderful. Thanks. I ' m gutted and thrilled at the same time Peter Jones accept the counteroffer and also shakes hands on a bargain The business owners leave the den with the hundred thousand extra pounds they were looking for and also detect tour de force on their board That ' s a terrific service. Mr. Jowell. Well, I put on ' t want to claim Huge that ' s challenging. They have excellent poker encounters the very best being Peter Jones I actually really felt quite poor closing everybody out you out after that. Well, you should because that was quite impolite really both avoid the new york with a possible celebratory quit or You may we could go to the pub and also have a drink but uh, it ' s inconclusive You

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