Dr. Sarah Hallberg on triglycerides, LDL and HDL cholesterol on a ketogenic diet

– How do triglycerides, LDLand HDL often vary when on a ketogenic diet? – So I’ll simply scrutinize this quickly, since we’ve answeredthis quite a bit before, but triglycerides generallydrop dramatically. HDL, or good cholesterol, goes up enormously. And those two things leadto an improved triglyceride HDL ratio, which has beenshown in many studies to be the most importantcardiac risk factor. And again, those are the commonchanges we insure with that, and again, triglycerides HDL together are actually calledatherogenic dyslipidemia. So if they’re off, atherogenic dyslipidemia, which intends atherosclerosiscausing lipids.Triglycerides and HDL canimprove hugely. LDL cholesterol, again, for most people it doesn’t change or declines. There can be a temporaryrise in some people with substantial weightloss that then goes back to ordinary when the weight loss plateaus. But in the few peoplethat have an hoisted LDL cholesterol after theirweight has plateaued, see your physician. – And a two to one ratioof triglycerides to HDL is pretty much considereda lower jeopardy, right? And it’s not uncommonto see HDL being higher than triglycerides.- I know, there’s nothing greater thansitting down with a patient and saying, you know what, your triglyceride HDL ratio is less than one. Because believe it ornot, we encounter beings coming into the clinic all the timewith triglyceride HDL rates of 30, even 40. I want, you wouldn’t even trust, that can have just thisunbelievably dramatic conversion when you initiate a ketogenic diet ..

actually calledatherogenic dyslipidemia

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