Dr.Berg’s Healthy Keto Basics: Step 2: WHAT TO EAT

alright people you just watched my basicplan the synopsi this is video 2 we’re going to dig into some more of thedetails this is mainly for beings that are new to my direct again I have 2500 videos and if you can get lost in all the details this is the second videothat you are able to watch and we’re combining a healthful keto within a minutefasting okay alright number one you want to go as long as you can in the morningwithout dining you time don’t want to eat unless you’re hungry that’s the thething that you need to focus on because so many parties eat when they’re nothungry and they’re wondering why it’s not working they’re not getting resultsbecause the body finally is burning fatty and then you start eating what willhappen is you’re gonna conjure insulin and then if your jiffies gonna come highand then it’s gonna push your blood Sugar’s low-spirited then you’re gonna be hungryan hour and a half last-minute so genuinely it’s what you dine the nightbefore that’s gonna prescribe if you’re hungry in the morning if you do thiscorrectly like I’m showing you with time two meals a day you’re gonna wake up inthe morning not hungry so the goal is to go as long as you can you may find thatyou can’t go all the way to lunch you have to eat it like 11 o’clock penalize eatyour breakfast there okay but what happens you want to keep pushing it tothe station where your your organization is fully adapted to fat-burning you’re no longersugar burning that could take three days up to five days sometimes it takeslonger to get into full ketosis alright so that’s the first rule of thumb if wecan do two banquets with a four-hour window okay and what that wants is that we eatand then we wait for hours and we feed again that’s your window that will giveyou a 20 hour fasting span that’s incredible that’s enough to see someserious arises the only time that would not work for someone as far as weightloss runs is let’s say they’re going through menopause they have a slowthyroid mode and they have a history of dieting and their metabolismis so gradual they’re gonna have to push these togetherhave one meal a day and then they will lose weight and there are even peoplethat still will lose only a little bit on this and they might need to go evenlonger because their metabolism is so dead and I’ve had this happen not to alot of parties but certain people that only you are well aware from birth they just had aslow metabolism for one thing or another and they need to go like probably eatevery other day okay that’s just what they need to do until the system healsbut for everyone else we’re going to talk about what are you gonna eat onthis first banquet and the second meal I’ve surveyed a lot of people and this iswhat they eat and this is something that I hate eggs I do four eggs a era you can do 2to 4 eggs pasture-raised or organic eggs they’re a little more expensive butthey’re worth it now it’s really important to eat healthful eggs becausethe factory farm eggs are just so bad they’re just terrible then we haveavocado avocado has awesome quantity of potassium and really good fats to helpyou go longer cheese now if you are a guy and you havea prostate condition don’t do the cheese but if you have a high quality organiccheese from a grass-fed cow goat’s cheese is even better not a problem okayso then we have bacon some people don’t want to do bacon that’s totally fine Ilike bacon I do bacon from the farmers market if you’re gonna go to a huffinstore get the nitrate free Organic bacon with with carbohydrates less than one gram okaybacon by the way and pork has high levels of vitamin b1 and for thosepeople are saying bacon is harmful hitherto they’re consuming chicken I would beg todiffer because chicken is really disgusting unless you’re doing againfrom the farmers market okay nut butters you can do almond butter peanut buttermake sure there’s no sugar in it maybe a couple of tablespoons now the reason forthis is to give you fairly solid especially in the beginning so you cango longer okay without getting hungry you know you’re eating at 12 you have ahamburger or a piece of meat or any a lamb or whatever meat that you wantthree to six ounces let’s say you’re younger and you have a faster metabolismthen you do eight ounces let’s say for example you’re an athlete you do eightounces let’s say you’re a very large person you need more protein do eightounces I wouldn’t want to go over eight ounces per banquet now we’re not talkingabout actual protein grams we’re talking about the actual product of meat itselfokay three to six ounces or eight ounces so you don’t have to calculate the gramsinside that flesh but it is a big difference and then we destroy ourvegetables you can steam them you are eligible to have some fresh or the salad I do a lot ofsalads we need a large amount of salad so some people break up their saladbetween this snack here in this meal and they do maybe five goblets and five goblets ormaybe four goblets and four cups I make four cups is not that that much it’sjust it’s kind of like a medium sized salad I personally do all of my salad atone sitting I’ll do like ten goblets and sometimes I’ll do more than that so I’mused to it if you feel worse with eating thosegreens that means that you’re microbes are not quite in the right place youmight have a condition called SIBO I’ll settled a link down below in which case youwant to cut back on your vegetables because what’s gonna happen the fiber inthe vegetable is going to retain fluid and you’re gonna feel bloated and you’regonna your weight loss is not gonna come off it’s not because you’re not losingweight it’s because you’re hold flowing okay simply realise you want to feelgood after destroying this and you may have to eat small amounts and graduallyincrease it because guess who’s eating your the fiber from your veggies themicrobes and they might not be plentiful enough to do that so there’s manydifferent rationalizations I’ll set a video down below precisely on that one topic olive oilbalsamic vinaigrette is a great dressing maybe a handful of nuts some seedsbecause we want that fat so this is like one alternative of a snack this is anotheroption of meal only to give you an example I introduced a connection down below to mywebsite because I have a lot of different examples of different banquets Ihave a whole recipe but this would be an example of a usual snack for someoneokay let’s say you do fish I affection salmon is one of the best proteins because ithas omega-3 one wishes to do aspect protein so you can also do sardinesbelieve it or not there are good solids in sardines I did a video on that forseafood okay this gives you the iodine so you doyour fish or seafood your salad this is for your dinner and a overweight projectile what isthe fat bomb it’s like a little cookie with health obesities in it you are eligible to makerecipes for this a lot of people down the fat projectile simply to get them satisfiedso they can go from one meal to the next as your body adapts to fat burning youprobably won’t even need that because you’re burning your own fat but in thebeginning it’s really helpful here’s another option for some food you can dochicken with the bark preferably delightful and crispy or chicken wings let’s sayyou do again treat it 6 ounces of chicken and chicken backstages do yourprotein it’s moderate protein asparagus ok or any other vegetable that you likeor your salad and then you do olives as your fat okayI do a lot of nuts myself I do that after the banquet to the point where I’mlike certainly fulfilled so I can go longer but the key is not snacking at night soyou want to add enough fat to go from this snack all the way to breakfast nowthe number one weakness beings have I just recognise was apathy so you’regonna have to keep really busy right here and make sure you’re not borne soyou don’t munch the wrong thing you can consume your vitamins it’s not a problemany time of the day apple cider vinegar teaspoon and some lemon is really goodto have when you drink water coffee in the morning try to exactly do one you cando tea you can add some bulletproof that’s a MCT oil coconut petroleum you can putthat merger that in your guzzle if you crave especially in the beginning toallow you to go without having the first mealnot a number of problems but if you find that that slows down your weight loss as you dothis over a period of a couple weeks and you might want to drop out the extra faturged a snack that means you need more solid and more parks more vegetablesthose two things will solve the problem if you implore bread you need more Bvitamins I recommend electrolytes a good powderB vitamins and or nutritional yeast you can get them in tablets very importantjust to make this transition smooth so you have no problems C so don’t beafraid to add more sea salt because you’re gonna need more salt you’re gonnadump more liquid on this program and so you have to replace itthe best time to exercise is when you’re fasting so in the morning okay it’sactually you get better benefits realize that it could take longer to adapt butthe way that you know you’re in hardcore ketosis is that you crave nothingyou’re not even hungry anymore that’s when you know what’s really workingbetter than any other test this should give you the next stratum of informationor knowledge you need to know and I will see you in the third video if you’reliking this content delight subscribe now and I will actually save you updated onfuture videos

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