Does KETO Work? w/ Dr. Mark Hyman | Thrive Market

I thoughts ketogenic foods at proportion are just, you are familiar with, starting to emerge. We know they can be short-term therapeutic nutritions that can be extremely powerful. For example, a recent study showed that in Type 2 diabetics in a year of a ketogenic diet they can reverse- entirely reverse- Type 2 Diabetes in 60% of the person or persons. This is not something that’s done in any way in traditional drug. Second is they got 100% of beings off the central diabetes medication, 94% off insulin or a lowered insulin, and the weight loss was 12%, an average rate of 30 pounds, which is unprecedented in medical weight loss studies. So this is a seriously strong intervention. It can be effective in Alzheimer’s, it can be effective in brain cancer.It can be effective in autism, in “Parkinsons syndrome”. It’s a very powerful intervention. So that’s a way, you are familiar with, ketogenic diets is likely to be therapeutic in the short term. I reckon long term we have to still hear ..

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