“Doctor, Keto vs Vegan, which is better?” 3 things that Doc will say to patients who ask him this.

Doctor, Keto or Vegan? Which is better? Hi I am Dr Chan, today I am going to sharewith you 3 things that I would always tell my patients when they are ask me this question. Hi people, welcome back to my channel, If you are new now, I am Dr Chan, I am a medical doctor from Singapore. Many beings announce me The Dress Doctor becauseof my fervour and work in helping people unlock the strength of life-style and gobbling habits forhealth.Keto or Vegan? That is the question. That is mention I get asked often. In my medical practice, which is almost entirelyfocused on coaching and training cases to makethe critical lifestyle& eating habits modifications necessary to better control and combat lifestyleand diet associated chronic conditions. such asdiabetes, high-pitched cholesterol, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. I find myself often getting asked by my patientsabout the pros and cons of the ketogenic food, or more popularly known as the keto diet, or the vegan diet.So I decided to make this video to share withyou 3 things that I would say to you if you should ask me, Doctor, Keto vs Vegan, whichis better? Before I going any further, let me firstly district veryclearly that definitions of Keto and Vegan are not mutually exclusive, and in fact, aperson can practise a vegan keto diet, which means being both keto and vegan at the same time, Also, from my experience, most people are not 100% clear about what practising a ketogenicdiet actually wants, the majority of cases, parties considered that practising a keto diet simply conveys cutting down on carbohydrates, when it is more than that.Many beings think that a vegan diet is justabout shunning animal products in ones diet, when veganism is more than that, itis more than just forestalling ingesting animal produces. But for the purpose of this video, to keepit short-lived, I would not be going items or identified that a ketogenic diet or being veganfully entail because “thats really not” the purpose of this video. You can take them as you currently understandthem to be. And I shall only be tackling the questionas it was phrased when people asked me. So here it is, 3 things that I would say toyou If you were to ask me, Doctor, Keto vs Vegan, which is healthier? or whichis better for weight-loss or which is better for diabetes or any other variations of thisKeto vs Vegan debate, this Keto vs Vegan question? Number One, first thing that I would say toyou would be that It is not important. It is not important for you to determine whichdiet, Keto or Vegan, is better.What is more important for you is to decidehow to attain your own diet better. Instead of being overloaded, confused andeven confused by all the different information and debates that you are probably attacked with in themedia about the pros and cons of all the different special nutritions that people are championingI would encourage you to simply focus on identifying, modifying and improving specific aspects ofyour diet to change and improve for state. For example, if you know there is still aneed to, or room to improve in terms of cutting down on your sugar intake, then places great importance on doingthat and do that well. And make love not because cutting down sugar intakeis a key tenet of performing a keto diet, but simply because there is absolutely noquestion that it has a great impact on your state in the long run. Or if you know thatyou are not eating fairly vegetables, then focus on doing that.Because getting plant-stronger, that is havinga good variety of vegetables regularly is clearly good for your health regardlesswhether you are doing keto, vegan, low fat, high-pitched solid or whatever other special foods. So, the first thing I would say to you is It is not important whether Keto or Vegan isbetter. Instead focus all your exertion on seeing your own diet better. Number two, the second thing that I wouldsay to you if “youre asking me”, Keto or Vegan, which is better Is that it is not helpful. it is not helpful to formulated your searchfor answers on how to eat for better state as a debate. Whether it is Keto vs Vegan OR High solid lowcarb vs high-pitched carb low fat or whatever special food vs whatever other special diet.It is not helpful because framing it as adebate would often lead to what we call confirmation bias and blind spots. For example, if you adoration feeing flesh and cannotimagine “peoples lives” without devouring flesh, then you mightlook out for intelligence or studies spotlighting possible state challenges that come witha vegan diet. Likewise, if you love animals and are of theview that killing animals for meat is cruel, then you might look out more for informationhighlighting the health problems that are associated with eating animal products.Dont get me wrong, I am not here to judgeor promote any type of special nutritions or dietary rules. All I am saying is that framing our searchfor answers on how to eat for better state in the form of debate likethis Keto vs Vegan question is not helpful. When my patients ask me, Doctor, in thisdebate of Keto vs Vegan, which back are you on? ” My answer to them would be Neither. I would tell them that as a medical doctor, my responsibility is to be fully on the side of my patients, one patient at a time, that regardless ofwhether they choose to be vegans or choose to practisea ketogenic nutrition my responsibility to them is to help them identify specific aspects of their dietsthat needed improving and then doing my best to educate, brace and coach them till theyeventually successfully clear the necessary changes to the aspects of their diets thatthey are willing and be allowed to start, that would help them better control their blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, weight or prevent and combat whatever lifestyle& dietary habitsrelated health issues or challenges that they may be facing.I consciously realized assured that I is not getdistracted, become bias or develop blind spots because of my own personal qualities, my owndietary wishes or rehearsals. Therefore instead of engaging in debates aboutwhich special diet is better, which I personally find unhelpful, I prefer to focus on discoveringnew information developing new methods, brand-new programmes to helpmy patients, coachees and students to learn and develop specific eating habitswhere the value of scientific testify are clear that they are good for health, regardlessof whether that might align with, or not, with some latest diet dogmas. Number three. The third thing that I would say to you if youshould ask me, Doctor, Keto or Vegan, which is better? is that it is not enough. It is not enough to look at how sure-fire specialdiets bang our value, our blood sugar or our blood cholesterol, or other healthmetrics when performed or studied over a limited period of weeks or months. Instead we must look at all the availableevidence of how certain dietary practices, or feeing wonts would affect the whole ofour health over the timeframe of the whole of our lifetime.Let me give you some examples to illustratewhat I mean. A friend shares with you that he or she hadlost some weight from practising a specific diet for certain number of weeks or months, should that be enough to help you reach the decision to try that same nutrition extremely becauseyou are needed to lose some load yourself. Or you come across a medical study that showedthat performing a certain specific diet for x number of weeks would help to lower bloodsugar, should that has gone far enough for “youre going to” make the decision to start endorse that same dieteven if you are diabetic? My answer is NO, it should not be enough. We must recognise that Health must be morethan just about losing load even if you are overweight, that combating diabetes successfullyis more than merely achieving good blood sugar sovereignty, I recently made a video on this, about how combating diabetes must be more than really having good blood sugar control.If you are interested, you can click the linkabove or in the specific characteristics below. If your goal is about achieving the best possiblehealth outcomes through your dietary hand-pickeds, then you must look at lowering your overallrisks of all dietary habits-related chronic conditions over the timeframe of your entirelifetime. It is not enough to look just how certainspecial foods when performed for a limited duration in termsof weeks or months can assist you achieve better numbers in certain health metrics such asweight, blood sugar or others.So this is my answer if you should ask me, Doctor, Keto or Vegan, which is better? I would tell you that it is Not Important, Not Helpful and Not sufficient to merely equate or debate whether the Keto diet or the Vegandiet is better, or for that matter, which other special diets are good or bad. The only diet that should matter to you, for your state, is your own diet, focus on reviewing your diet, holistically and critically, and if you have access to, preferably with the help of your doctor and other medicalprofessionals who are privy to the information about your current state of health, your existingmedical conditions, your past and family medical history, and from that, your risk profilewith regards to your future likelihoods of life and dietary habits associated chronic diseases. Then identify specific aspects of your nutrition, your eating attires that you are willing to start to nipping, modifying and improving to achievethe best possible outcome for the whole of your state over the whole of your lifetime.Dont come confused, perplexed or paralysedby the many public debates on all the different diets in the media the nutrition combats on social media. Focus on your own battle, you must first winyour own war against chronic diseases especiallyin terms of preventing, assuring and combating diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle and diet-related states before you thinkabout becoming a champion or preach of any diets that you believe in or are passionateabout. You can do it. Just take the first step. One garb at a time. I hope you have found this video handy. I am Dr Chan and expressed appreciation for for watching. Makes unlock the Power of Habit. One Video, One Habit, One Dose at a time. Take care and have a sanctified date ..

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