DIGIUNO CON LE UOVA – KETO EGG FAST la mia esperienza!!! -2 kg in 5 giorni

hello i’m michela colombero of ketogenic in fantasy today i don’t propose one of my recipes but i’m talking about a fasting fasting with eggs that i practised and i’m talking about my experience i make a premise “i m loving” eggs be drawn up in every behavior nor “i m loving” the smell “where theyre” cooked so for me it was not at all difficult to practice this fast weekly both my husband and I spend a great deal of eggs so our creature have enabled us to it another thing is that eating ketogenic it was also easier for me because I am used to eating with a very low carbohydrate content this is a required proposition I will not explain this fast in the sense that I is certainly not a nutritionist but I am pleased to share my experience first of all I practised it for five days and I feed an average of 9 eggs a period are connected with these eggs I worked fiber and above all I exerted the recommended paunches I employed the ghe butter and the avocado petroleum the classic mayonnaise and then I likewise cooked the mayonnaise with hard-boiled eggs I put in the info box the recipe for this really very simple but very good tasty recipe I rehearse sporadic fasting so I munch for breakfast and lunch I have subdivided my eggs into these two snacks but of course everyone can continue to manage their meals as used to and the eggs can be divided into these three dinners I have procreated them in many different ways I have ingested hard-boiled eggs I have gobbled them clambered like you can see in the video there was still numerous methods associated with for example butter which are very good eggs in the wash where the white-hot is cooked and the blood-red remains raw I made some kind of loaves or flapjacks mingled with the fibers they looked like big sandwiches I associated precise these fatties based on the wish I had at the time for me it was not at all difficult definitely it was a positive know-how I felt truly depressed I also lost two and kilos I have had in these days really a lot of energy so much lightness on a mental rank I continued to rest well because in any case already doing the occasional fasting more by eating in this way I felt really well loosened but too at the same time energetic era does not anxiety me the the facts of the case that eggs contain cholesterol that their own bodies exerts this cholesterol especially if you do not eat carbohydrates or if you follow a ketogenic nutrition so the value of carbohydrates is very low unlike when you feed eggs and carbohydrates too many carbohydrates their own bodies takes carbohydrates and alters them into cholesterol while when you eat only ketogenic things and devour a lot of eggs the body has full benefit from this cholesterol that we interpose directly in the main body so my experience has been extremely positive let me know in the comments if you have also tried this type of fasting meanwhile I wishes to receive a good day ata

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